Whole house EMF shielding with T98 paint and GPA mesh under tiled roof

vrijdag, 11 maart 2016 - Categorie: Voorlichting

Bron: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOJKcvFzJU8&feature=youtu.be
12 juni 2015

What is involved in shielding a whole house against phone tower (HF EMR) radiation AND internal electrical wiring radiation? The process is not so difficult, but does need to be well thought out. IMPORTANT is the proper way of assessing whether the body is under stress... this cannot be done by taking measurements of the AIR.

In this video you witness the HF EM radiation exposure of a young family in Germany burdened by cell phone towers. GEOVITAL consultants as well as specialised trades people comment on the process of applying shielding paint to the whole house and clever use of GPA shielding mesh to shield the tilled roof.

More and more families choose this option to protect their health against high frequency radiation from mobile phone towers, smart meters, WiFi, radar, and other wireless technology radiation now being forced into their homes and affecting them.

Scientist call out for a reduction in the exposure, those who wish to see if that produces results, or are already affected, are taking matters in their own hands by creating radiation-free living environments for their bodies to rest and support a regenerative sleep.

GEOVITAL stands alone in the radiation protection industry, as we are the only ones with a background as a natural health clinic which has only had patient's health recoveries as the benchmark for radiation assessment approaches and EMF protection product development.

Een reclamefilm, met wel een goede manier om je huis tegen van buiten komende RF straling te beschermen. Voor vrijstaande huizen een alternatief t.o.v. het verven van binnenmuren.
De laagfrequent velden veroorzaakt door leidingen in plafonds en binnenmuren in huis werk je er echter niet mee weg. Die kunnen met de daarop gesuperponeerde netvervuiling vooral storend zijn bij leidingen zonder aarddraad.
In dat geval is verven van binnenmuren en plafonds met natuurlijk aarding daarvan een betere oplossing. In flats zal bij de hogere verdiepingen nog een afscherming tegen evt. RF straling van onderburen nodig zijn.

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