Internetten op iPad via een kabel, het kan.

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21 mei 2014

Internet on ipad using ethernet cable - in flightmode and wifi off

The ipad can connect to the internet using ethernet cable to any standard router or modem: You need an ethernet-usb adaptor, an ipad-usb adaptor and an active usb hub. Use a long usb cable so you can move around a bit.

You get a warning which you can just dismiss, so it isn't officially supported by apple.
If you use a non-apple adaptor you may get another warning that forces you to reinsert the cable to get connection after sleep.

The cabled internet setup needs ios7 and is tested working on ipad mini, ipad air and iphone 5, it should work on all models except the oldest ipad 1 (the new models use lightning-usb adaptors, the old need 30pin-usb adaptors)

Speed is comparable with wifi and is very stable. Facetime is the only app i have found not working, while skype, snapchat, facebook and imessage are all fine!

The second half of the video is demonstrating youtube use, where you see that if you disconnect the wire while watching a video you would be able to see the entire video if the buffer is full, otherwise the video won't resume until restarted, streaming quality is perfect!

Shopping list:
1) ethernet-usb adaptor
2) lightning-usb adaptor (or 30pin-usb adaptor for old ipad/iphone)
3) active powered usb hub
4) long usb wire fitting the hub
5) ethernet cable to attach to your router

Zie de video op bovenstaande link

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