Flyers and banners to inform people about wireless radiation risks.

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febr. 2014

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Help us Spread The Word by by posting our informational flyers either on-line or in the real world.

Real World Flyer Placement

Post them up on noticeboards, in shop windows – anywhere you think they might catch someone’s eye. Please remember to place flyers responsibly, where it is legal, acceptable and will not annoy the owner of the wall, window or whichever site you choose. takes no responsibility for illegally-posted flyers.


Where possible, try to print flyers in colour and on high quality gloss paper or card. This will help to enhance the message and should also help the flyers last longer.

Variety and Style

The flyers are designed to be mostly non-alarmist as it is felt that the subtle approach to such issues may be the best way to nudge public opinion for now.

We have also attempted to create a variety of looks to make them appear to come from several different sources – a method which we hope will increase the potency of the message.

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