How to Disable Wireless Access on Your Windows Laptop

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By Dan Gookin from Troubleshooting Your PC For Dummies, 3rd Edition
Turning off the wireless network is cinchy on most laptops ― specifically, the type that features a hardware On-Off switch for wireless networking. In that case, slide the switch to the Off position. You’re set. When your laptop lacks a wireless networking hardware switch, you have to disable the wireless networking software.

To disable wireless networking in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, follow these steps:

Press Win+X to summon the Windows Mobility Center.

Click the button labeled Turn Wireless Off.

Close the window.

In Windows XP, you have to follow a different set of steps when there’s no hardware wireless switch:

Open the Control Panel’s Network Connections icon.

Right-click the wireless network connection.

Choose Disable from the shortcut menu.

Close the Network Connections window.

After you’re certain that the wireless networking hardware has been disabled, it’s time to work!

You most likely want to re-enable the wireless networking hardware eventually. To do so, flip the hardware switch. If you used the software method, repeat the steps but choose Turn Wireless On in Step 2 for Windows 7 and Windows Vista, or Enable in Step 3 for Windows XP.

If your laptop doesn’t have a wireless networking hardware switch, peruse the keyboard for a special key combination that disables the wireless network.

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