Vandaag is het wereldwijd actiedag tegen Elektromagnetische Straling.

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Vandaag is het wereldwijde actiedag tegen Elektromagnetische Straling. Schakel al uw draadloze apparatuur uit om energie te sparen en uit medeleven voor dieren, planten en medemens, Vertel het aan al uw vrienden:

Bron: Mast 21 april 2012:

Worldwide EMR Action Day aligns with Earth Day 2012 to protect the biological integrity of the natural world and all its inhabitants against unnatural Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). With this endeavour, people from around the planet join together to reduce harm from EMR and create a healthier life for all.

Man-made EMR is the only hazard that reaches every square centimetre of Earth’s surface at every moment, harming people, animals, insects and plant life. Electromagnetic pollution has been imposed upon us by military and industrial interests, with devastating health, environmental and social consequences. From microwave (MW) and radio-frequency (RF) radiation to extremely low frequency (ELF) fields, sources include:

so-called smart utility grids, smart meters and appliances
wireless internet (wi-fi), wi-max and their infrastructures
mobile phones and their antenna infrastructure on masts, rooftops and in disguised structures
cordless phones and their bases
microwave oven leakage
baby monitors and children’s RF-related toys
RF medical devices
RFID-embedded chips in people, animals, consumer products, and identity and credit cards
direct-energy and other EM weaponry
TV, radio and satellite broadcasts
radar and sonar
the electrical power grid, appliances and broadband over power lines (BPL)
fluorescent lights, including compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs)

While some man-made EMR sources are falsely marketed as ‘green’, they all independently produce adverse biological and health effects. The effects markedly worsen with prolonged exposure or when combined with additional EMR sources, chemical toxicants or metals. MW radiation intensities in urban areas can be over a trillion times higher than natural background levels.

All life is electromagnetic in function. From the symbiotic balance of wildlife ecosystems to the health of our internal cells and organs – especially the brain and heart – living systems depend on undisturbed electrical signaling processes. All creatures derive a sense of wellbeing from the Earth’s own Schumann Resonances and other natural fields, which have now been overwhelmed by man-made EMR.

Scientists and experts in policy and law, examining thousands of research studies, warn of immediate and long-term hazards and call for minimised exposures. EMR Action Day provides support and information on sources, effects and solutions to communities and individuals in need.

Harmful EMR also includes ionising radiation from nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons. We urge reduced exposures to all such sources including medical tests, treatments and wastes.

EMR Action Day proposes new choices for safer and lower energy consumption: hard-wiring and fibre-optics in homes, schools and workplaces; shielding materials; and safe White Zones and otherEMR-free solutions. We engage people in minimising EMR exposures and reconnecting with their own natural biorhythms. By our judicial, legislative, media, artistic and other creative endeavours, we act to free humankind, defend public safety and restore electromagnetic harmony to the Earth.

Our focus is on solutions that benefit us all.
Please share this website! And take action now!

Show respect for the Earth. Take EMR Action Day to turn off your wireless devices to save energy and out of consideration for animals, plants, and fellow humans. Tell all your friends!

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The International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP) .

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