How to disable Wi-Fi on a Samsung SmartTV; en Sony? en LG?

donderdag, 01 augustus 2019 - Categorie: Voorlichting
mei 2015

There was apparently no way to disable the Wi-Fi radiation using the remote controller - so what to do? Opening the back of the TV set...and finding the Wi-Fi sender...

– Update may 2015: There is an additional (!) microwave emitter for the 3D function.
This emitter was not disabled in the above video. The 3D emitter only emits microwave once the 3D function is active. The battery driven 3D glasses also emit radiation on startup, after that I could not measure any radiation from the glasses. The radiation level at 2 meters distance from the TV was up to 6µW/m². So the 3D radiation is lower than from the Wi-Fi emitter.

Bij bovenstaande link veel ervaringen een nuttige misschien is:

5 jaar geleden
It is unfortunate that Samsung did not provide the OFF button for Wi-Fi.
For this reason, I do not buy Samsung TV. Buy Sony Series 800 and 900 (2013 models) they have the OFF function for Wi-Fi when you don't use it. Sony is the only TV brand which has the OFF button since Series 800/900. Series 550 (older model pre-2013) does not have the OFF button, though…

5 jaar geleden
I have LG 55 650 v model, just bought it today, and yes LG does not have a setting to shut down WIFI what a stupid company. Maybe I should go and buy Sony.....I measured today HF and it emmits low HF every few minutes, every 2 minutes is sends out short signal..... BS .... are you sure sony TVs still do have wifi off seting?

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