Internet on iPad using ethernet cable - now with power in new easy method - no wifi or mobile data!

maandag, 16 januari 2017 - Categorie: Voorlichting

23 sept. 2016

Get your iPad or iPhone on internet using an ethernet cable from your router,
without need for wifi, bluetooth or mobile data.

Simply connect the new lightning-usb3 camerakit adaptor to the apple usb-
ethernet adaptor, connect the power cable and the ethernet cable, then plug
the lightning into the iPad or iPhone

It works on all iPads and iPhones with lightning plug, and you can buy both
adaptors at the apple store or official retailer

Do not buy from amazon, they sell counterfeits that don't work!

You can also use a longer lightning to usb cable instead of the short one that
comes with the ipad, this need to be of very high quality to work (max 3 meters)

You need to turn off Airplane mode to have imusic, messages and facetime
work, just turn off wifi and cellular data!

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