Six hours a day on my mobile gave me a brain tumour

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28 febr. 2015

Spending six hours a day on my mobile gave me a brain tumour, claims business executive, 43, who's now been given just three years to live.

Ian Phillips, 43, had a blinding headache and drove himself to hospital
Was diagnosed with a grade 3 brain tumour next to his right ear
Underwent a nine hour operation to remove the lemon-sized tumour
Has been told he has three years to live and is undergoing chemotherapy
Claims using his mobile phone for hours every day caused his cancer
Now uses a bright gold receiver so he doesn't press the phone to his ear

A businessman battling a deadly brain tumour believes spending up to six hours a day on his mobile phone has given him cancer.

After going to hospital with a bad headache, Ian Phillips was given the devastating news he had a lemon-sized brain tumour - and has just three years to live.

The 43-year-old claims his cancer was caused by excessive use of his mobile phone, as his job as an operations manager for a large firm required him to spend more than 100 hours a month making calls.

As well as undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment in a bid to beat the cancer, he is receiving alternative medicine, has changed his diet, and regularly exercises.

After driving himself to hospital with a blinding headache, an MRI scan revealed Mr Phillips had a lemon-sized tumour next to his right ear. The scan is pictured (it is mirrored, so the left side of the scan shows the right side of the brain)

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