A Walking Antenna

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6 juni 2014

Ervaringsverhaal Lloyd Burrell

After my degree I trained to be a chartered accountant (like a CPA).

Even the best and the brightest struggled and faltered.

Juggling client deadlines, overtime, study and exams.

That was stressful.

So when my doctor said it was “stress” I knew he was wrong.

My Doctor Was Wrong

No, this was quite different.

For one thing, it had started so suddenly.

One minute I’m fine the next minute I’m not.

And for another thing the symptoms only came on when I used a cell phone.

Cell phone next to my ear = pain.

Take cell phone away = no pain.

Plain and simple.

The problem had to be my cell phone.

But I trusted my doctor.

So I listened to his advice.

He said take a break so we went away with the kids for a week.

I left my cell phone at home.

I slept well, I ate well. I felt fine.

We came home on the Sunday night.

Monday morning I switched my cell phone on.

Like everyone else I’d had things come over me before. Toothaches, chickenpox, measles, viruses.

These things come and go.

Surely this cell phone pain would do the same.

I put the cell phone in my pocket and drove to work.

I got to my office and sat down at my desk.

And then it rang.

Still fine.

I took it out of my pocket, pressed the green button, put it next to my ear and started to speak.

Not fine.

I carried on with the conversation. Within minutes I was feeling dizzy and disoriented. The skin around my ear was tingling.

A few minutes later the phone rang again.

Again I answered.

The pain stepped up a notch.

My head began to throb. I felt a dull pain in my ear.

That’s how it went on. Each time I answered my phone my symptoms moved up a notch.

I went back to my doctor. He was concerned.

He sent me to see other doctors.

I went for scans, tests and saw all sorts of specialists, neurologists, psychologists, physiotherapists.

They all drew a blank.

This went on for months.

The official verdict: there was nothing wrong with me.

So I tried to carry on, without my cell phone.

I organized my work differently.

But my symptoms just got worse and worse.

It seemed as though I was reacting to everything, my computer, my cordless phone, the radio in my car, my TV. Even my corded land-line.

I felt like a walking antenna.

A Walking Antenna

Within moments of walking into a room, if there was someone on a cell phone or a computer my symptoms would start off.

And it wasn’t just my head that was hurting, I also suffered joint pains, stomach pains and many other symptoms.

I carried on like this for 2 years.

And then I read a story in my newspaper about a guy that couldn’t use a cell phone or computer. He couldn’t even sleep with the power on at night.

Wow this guy was like me.

And there were others like him.

They called it electrical sensitivity.

I felt elated. I wasn’t cured. But I wasn’t going crazy and I wasn’t on my own.

And so began my quest to understand.

The Quest To Understand

As a kid I’d always been curious.

Always asking questions about everything and anything. How does a gearbox work? How do birds fly? Why does the moon come out only at night?

When I got into my teens I read books, lots of books.

Strangely, when I became electrically sensitive this thirst for knowledge dried up.

Looking back I realize why.


Fear that if I started thinking about this problem it would somehow make it worse than it was.

And linked to this fear, denial.

The logic went something like this: if I pretended to myself there was nothing wrong I’d be fine.

Then came the realization one day that my condition was deteriorating I had to do something.

I came across an article in a newspaper that spoke of a man who couldn’t use cell, phones and cordless phones. He was so sensitive he had to switch the electricity off at night.

He was “electro-sensitive”.

This discovery changed everything because I was no longer on my own.

And I no longer had to pretend.

That was in 2004.

Since then I have been on a quest for truth. A quest to understand.

A quest for solutions.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this quest has been the motor for my recovery.

About 6 months ago this quest moved to another level.

I started interviewing the world’s experts on EMFs & health.

Neuroscientists, molecular biologists, electrical engineers, physicists, epidemiologist’s researchers and the like.

I’ve now created an archive of these interviews.

Your Quest

Where are you on the question of EMFs and health?

Are you too on a quest to understand?

You deserve the best information you can find on this subject.

This is precisely what I’m offering, the best information.

In fact cutting edge information. Unique insights from some of the worlds leading experts on EMFs and health.

My archive contains not just MP3s of the interview recordings but also the full transcripts of the interviews, so that you can download and then listen and/or read them in your own time.

This new resource goes on-line tomorrow.

And I want you to have access to it.

That’s why you’ll be able to access the archive at a substantial discount.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fast-track your progress on EMF protection.

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