Piezo landline phones

zaterdag, 16 november 2013 - Categorie: Verhalen

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11 nov. 2013

Vraag en antwoord

does anybody know where you can still buy corded landline PIEZO-electric phones?

the speaker in standard phones emit a magnetic field, that's why some electrosensitive people have trouble also when they're on a corded landline phone

i recently bought a Piezo phone (Siemens C353) in Germany at waidler.de and it works fine for me

but a friend who has no electricity in the house would want a Piezo phone like that but one that can function without electricity...

in the meantime i found another German supplier with many Piezo-phones
www.umweltanalytik.com/store/frset.asp .

and i guess, at least the white one for 65.90 euro won't need electricity

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