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30 aug. 2013

Those sick persons with electromagnetic waves , who '' survive ''

Gathering of people EHS Boulc . Gathering of people EHS Boulc . | Audrey Garric / World

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They suffer from headaches , heartburn , insomnia or tachycardia , symptoms they attribute to waves of mobile phones , Wi -Fi networks or antennas . These people say EHS (EHS) , an unrecognized disease in France have developed a more or less severe intolerance to electromagnetic fields . That they need to increase medical consultations , develop their homes , wear protection and sometimes flee civilization.

26, 27 and 28 August , they met in a secluded valley Boulc (Drôme ) to request the establishment ''urgent'' white areas , no radio frequency . Portraits of these patients waves .

Anne Cautain , a very large electro , lived three years in a cave

She feels ''burned'' any wavelength , whether Wi- Fi , mobile phones , home appliances , but also extremely low frequency (50 Hz) generated by the flow of current in electrical cables . Cautain Anne , 57, is a great électrohypersensible . '' Since 2009 , I am a real camera , I know that such a place , there is an antenna or a transformer I feel the power into my nerve endings. '' , She says , scarlet cheeks, barefoot wrist and connected to a steel post sunk into the ground , to '' unload '' .

The journey to reach Boulc from the Hautes-Alpes , where she lives in the former stables of a forest house candlelit and heated stove , was exhausted. She has spent wrapped in blankets in a converted truck Faraday cage ( a watertight enclosure to electromagnetic fields ), led by his daughter, which it totally depends . Finally, it will be very little on the site , where some waves reach him , despite the isolation.

Anne Cautain has not always been intolerant to RF . His symptoms occurred six months after the installation of Wi -Fi terminals University City Nice, where she worked as a housekeeper . ''I started to feel intense neurological pain , dizziness, memory loss and my sleep was split , described it . Then I no longer supported my apartment , located near antennas . '' She left overnight . Follows a year of wandering waves escape , passed between a yurt at the bottom of a valley, a cellar restaurant, an armored car in a parking lot , a caravan and a cabin tôlée garden. '' My suffering was only a long slump . I did not know where to put me , I wanted to go underground ,'' she said again, a sadness in his voice.

That 's when she heard about a cave in Saint -Julien -en- Beauchene (Hautes -Alpes), in which she lived three years , with two other women also '' electro '' . The inhabitants of the hamlet , solidarity , landscape cavity ( with floor to ask beds and sheeting against the rain) , others bring their baskets of fruit and vegetables and water , and a neighbor lends them a shower . Nevertheless , life is tough: the temperature rarely exceeds 10 ° C, low light and Anne Cautain lost 14 pounds. The three women eventually leave their refuge during the installation of 3G in the village , they say they '' felt '' before being informed.

'' I know I'm going for a crazy and a marginal , she says , lucid. But even if it is extremely hard to live, I have no choice. I do not look at the past, or what I lost in life I survive . '' Receiving a disability pension from Social Security, she said '' hope to one day find a cure and independent almost normal life , in a white zone.''

• Oscar , a former trader who lives and works in Paris

Oscar continues to live and work in Paris for banks . Oscar continues to live and work in Paris for banks . | Audrey Garric / World

It is the opposite of the caricature of the electro marginal and disturbed. Oscar , 47 , a former sales trader ( trader - dealer ) in major international banks, intolerant Wi -Fi since 2010 - but sensitive to electromagnetic fields for years - continues to live and work in Paris , as a teacher in schools trade and freelance trainer for banking institutions. Places where the waves abound.

'' The days wear me between burns inside the body , tingling and headaches. And I find it hard to recover overnight ,'' he reflected . Sometimes , it must slow down . ''I had to go to New York in July to give a highly paid training. But I was out . I had to cancel at the last moment ,'' he laments , pointing a '' very detrimental disease in life professional '' . '' Before I worked in New York , Chicago and London. Today, it is no longer possible. I spend a third of my time trying to treat myself and get better. It changed my life. ''

Since the onset of his symptoms , Oscar moved three times , finally settling near the Bois de Vincennes, this summer. For him, no Wi -Fi (he also asked his neighbors to turn off their night ) , a wired telephone, alarm clock , battery and curtain shield . He followed the appointment with doctors and frequently runs in the woods. '' In the end, I have no life as a couple , no children, and a very disturbed social life. Electrosensitivity , it's isolated. ''

• Isabelle , forced to sleep in his basement

Gathering of people EHS Boulc (Drôme), from 26 to 28 August. Gathering of people EHS Boulc (Drôme), from 26 to 28 August. | Audrey Garric / World

She wears a hat wrapped in a mesh son of copper and silver . '' This alleviates headaches , I feel ants in one half of my brain and language disorders ,'' she says . In 2008 , Isabelle , 52, podiatrist , who prefers to remain anonymous - is received emergency by a neurologist for these symptoms . After a battery of tests , the doctor concluded that it is in perfect health.

'' Then I realized that my troubles were caused by the antennas installed on top of a water tower 130 meters from home, she says. Whenever I left my home , I feel better, and when I came back , it got worse again. ''

Isabelle can not move , her husband refused to leave the Isère famiale home. It then produces a canopy bed functioning as a Faraday cage , she moved into his cellar. And when she can , she fled her home , as between 2011 and 2013 , where she took refuge in the Dordogne. '' My life was left upset , shows Isabella, now retired . When I can not be too exposed , I feel better . ''

• Philippe , who left his job, his home and his wife

Philippe Tribaudeau , president of the association A land for EHS .

It was in 2007 that everything changed for Philippe Tribaudeau . Professor of technology, it works almost all the time behind a screen in the presence of twenty-four other computers in the room. The room of his apartment function is also 15 meters from the transformer 's secondary school, near Dijon. '' In three months, I no longer supported waves . I felt burns on the skin , tingling all over and a huge fatigue, he says. I managed to finish the year but I could not make the next school year . '' The former teacher then connects a year off work and three years of layoff without pay.

'' I lived a year in a camper in the woods , sometimes surrounded by a meter of snow . My wife, who has supported me for four years, I ferried supplies every six weeks . '' It is illegally occupying forest Saoû in the Drôme, between June and October 2010, before being expelled by the authorities. '' We need a blank area for refuge . Electrosensitivity , it is a life of wandering, isolation, insecurity , he says . Should try to live at best, but from from home , take the road and nowhere to go , it is a strong psychological pressure. ''

Said well have experienced this '' leap into the void .'' '' I was well prepared to live without: I am athletic and I love mountain Isolation does not weigh me , pound man face weathered by the months of outdoor life I rebuilt a new one. . life. ''

This new departure , Philippe Tribaudeau which now affects a disability retirement , took in the isolated valley Boulc in a semi -underground farm he has unearthed a year ago . It has installed its association , A land for EHS and it regularly hosts electro passing . '' Everything is always tripped me , he says. I use my computer from time to time , fourth hour maximum , working three meters from the screen using very long cables . '' The man also became multichimicosensible ( intolerant to odors , laundry perfume or pollution ) should also ventilate only when upward breeze. He concluded: ''I live in a jar. ''

• Maïlys , master's student in toxicology

Maïlys is électrohypersensible since the age of 14 . Maïlys is électrohypersensible since the age of 14 .

''When I was 14 , I had an anxiety attack while watching a movie , then dizziness and fatigue wallop . This went on for months ,'' said Maïlys , a pretty blonde who wears a blue fleece , attached to her. His mother, therapist and herself électrohypersensible , these symptoms associated with the installation of a cell tower in their neighborhood Romans ( Drôme) .

''We reviewed the electrical system of the house, the bed away from the wall, removed everything that emits frequencies in the room and I protect myself with fabrics , caps and scarves anti- waves , says the girl. J ' I still have a cell phone, but I do very little light . ''

Since Maïlys now 21 years old , managed to evacuate some of its pain by using a relaxation therapist . She was able to pursue environmental health studies and will enter into master 2 toxicology Paris . ''I want to live my life with my age , cease to be back . I'll even find a roommate . But I fear a little arrival in a big city ,'' admits does . If his family agree to cut Wi -Fi in his presence, they remain skeptical about the source of his pain . '' For my family, including my uncles and aunts , it is a taboo subject. They think it 's in my head . I scare them . ''

• Audrey Garric
Journalist for Le Monde

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