Chili: Universiteitsdocent start aktie tegen wifi. Veel studenten ondervinden gezondheidsklachten.

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Op 3 dec. 2012 ontving de redactie van Stopumts onderstaand ervaringsverhaal van Paul Doyon, docent aan de universiteit van Antofogasta in Chili, betreffende wifi (ook in Nederlandse scholen en universiteiten operationeel, zelfs in ziekenhuizen):


As many of you can see, I am instigating somewhat of an Action Research project. I had asked for letters of support five days ago and so far have only received three. I would truly appreciate letters of support from doctors, researchers, scientists, and others researching this topic and especially those well-known with PhDs. Many of you know me and many of you know that I have dedicated thousands of hours of my life to this cause without any reward except for the fact that I am trying to serve the greater good.

I am attaching a statement of Marjorie Lundquist, Ph.D. in Physics to serve as an example -- short and sweet, but professional.

Kind regards,

paul doyon

On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 3:15 PM, Emf Refugees <> wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I surveyed the three classes that I teach and of the students surveyed in the three classes over 50% in two of them and 100% in the other have said that they are suffering adverse symptoms since the new WiFi system was installed.

I had two students on two separate occasions stand under the WiFi router for 10 minutes and they both experienced severe symptoms: one students` hands were shaking and she became completely disoriented and the other felt pressure in her head and her eyes started tearing as if she was suffering from hay fever.

Scanned letters of support (in either English or Spanish) with regards to doing away with this WiFi system (at least in the School of English) in favor of wired connections -- especially from doctors, scientists, researchers -- would be greatly appreciated.

You can address them to Erika Mery, Director, School of English, Universidad Catolica del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile; and to Dr. Mariana Bargsted, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Universidad Catolica del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile, and send them in an attachment to me at I will forward them on.


paul doyon

The following letter to my students describes what is happening with me at present.

Dear Students,

A little over a month ago, I caught a cold and this lingered on until it developed into what is called ''Walking Pneumonia.'' I was feeling extremely sick and tired. On top of that, I was having severe heart pains and was finally diagnosed with tachycardia (rapid heart beat). Having experienced something similar before, I knew what I needed to do this time and I was finally able to (after several weeks) get a doctor to prescribe me antibiotics (specifically Azythromycin).

I took the Azythromycin and was feeling better -- since it killed off the infection (most likely mycoplasma) that was causing the walking pneumonia.

However, now I noticed acutely that when I came into the university that I immediately started to feel sick. On Friday, the 16th of November, I came into the university and immediately started to feel very nauseous. It was at this time that I learned that a new more powerful WiFi system had been installed throughout the university approximately a month before (just around the same time I started to feel sick) with one of these more powerful WiFi routers on the second floor of the Escuela de Ingles not too far from my office. (I had been asking for months to the powers-that-be to move the old one to the first floor where the students predominantly use the WiFi -- but to no avail.) Anyway, I felt so sick that day, that I had to go home after two hours. Surprisingly, when I got home, I immediately started to feel better.

I thought to myself, ''Well maybe this has to do with the WiFi system? Maybe it has to do with the antibiotics that I am taking?'' The next day, I slept late, cleaned my apartment, went out for lunch and then coffee with my friend, ''Cousin Phil,'' and then went into the office later in the afternoon. Immediately, within five minutes I started feeling nauseous. Within 10 minutes, I was having brain fog (i.e. trouble thinking clearly). Within 20 minutes, I started to get heart pain. Within 50 minutes I had a headache and finally had to leave. When I got home, I started feeling better.

It was obvious to me what was causing my problems. I wrote an email to Erika and Mauricio and cced it to a number of students who over the course of the year have also complained to me about symptoms similar to mine. On Monday, Erika and Mauricio called me into Erika`s office and Mauricio accused me of not being happy at UCN. I told him that that was an interpretation and a gross oversimplification and that I was in fact experiencing serious symptoms to these new WiFi routers installed on this campus and that I in fact loved teaching here at UCN.

Erika said that she had talked to the dean and that the dean had said that there was no way that the university would remove the WiFi routers because of my problem because the students all want faster and more powerful Internet connections. I told them that then I would have to do my best to finish off the semester but that I could not stay there with these new routers. While I could ''tolerate'' the old ones, these new ones were intolerable for me.

I did my best to teach my classes this week, including make-up classes in the evenings, but I was feeling very sick the whole time. The initial and most noticeable symptom is pressure in my frontal cortex (around the forehead). Last night as I was teaching my class, I ask the students if anyone else was experiencing symptoms and many students explained this same symptom as well as other ones. I asked the students to raise their hands if they thought they were experiencing any symptoms from this new WiFi system and 50% (6 out of the 12 students in the class) raised their hands.

So I am not the only one!

Please watch the following video by Magda Havas (which is also on the platform and) which explains very clearly that we will all eventually succumb to this hazard when exposures exceed our threshold (i.e. our body`s ability to withstand it). .

If you are also experiencing any symptoms to this WiFi system, please contact me or come to my office and let me know about it. I know that a lot of people are in denial about this problem so it is best not to talk to these people who would rather remain willfully ignorant -- not to mention certain people who see it as an opportunistic weapon to use against me. And don`t forget that Wednesday`s movie night will also be addressing this issue with the showing of the movie, Full Signal.




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