Senior IT consultant zelf overgevoelig geworden voor WiFI netwerken.

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Het thema WiFi op school staat op het moment, zeker in Canada, volop in de belangstelling. Leest u onderstaandde (Engelstalige) ingezonden brief van een overgevoelig geworden IT consultant, Carl Katz, zelf voormalig WIFI installateur die nu mede ten strijde trekt tegen de installatie van WiFi op scholen:

Bron: Vancouver Sun 3 sept. 2010

In 2005, the Vancouver School Board passed a resolution recommending
that cell phone transmitters be sited no closer than 1000 feet to a
school. Power density measurments have shown that a class full of 25
Wi-Fi laptops downloading files exceeds the power density of the main
beam of a cell tower by a factor of three. This fact that cell towers
are kept at a distance from schools but Wi-Fi is put in the classroom
is very incongruent.

The VSB and all school boards can no longer hide behind Heath Canada's
Safety Code 6, which deals with heating and thermal effects, not the
established non-thermal effects of pulsed electromagnetic radiation.
Health Canada has known about this problem for a long time, and they
have painted themselves into a corner, choosing to ignore the
thousands of studies that show bio effects from radiation that is at
lower levels than Wi-Fi. Health Canada looks to the WHO for guidance
on standards - unfortunately the WHO gets it's guidance from ICNIRP,
which is comprised of wireless industry insiders.

It is quite appropriate that this issue is coming to light at this
time - a percentage of the population is feeling the effects,
including our children, especially those in schools with enterprise
class Wi-Fi systems.

I am a 12 year senior I.T. consultant who has installed over one
hundred Wi-Fi networks and has met dozens of people who can't tolerate
being near Wi-Fi, cordless phones and other sources of non-ionizing
electromagnetic radiation. I understand the technical aspects of
Wi-Fi. I also understand the health implications and risks of Wi-Fi
given the enormous amount of research I have done on this subject.
Wi-Fi does not belong in schools, homes, businesses, coffee shops or
anywhere for that matter. I sincerely wish this wasn't the case given
how much I appreciate technology and the convenience it affords us - I
like technology - I make my living from technology.

You may not be aware that the BC Teachers Federation is aware of this
problem and is taking it quite seriously. So should the VSB and every
school board and district across the planet.

Carl Katz
Senior I.T. Consultant and Parent of Two Children

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