USA: Hersentumoren bij jonge investmentbankers.

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In een goed gerechercheerd artikel in het Amerikaanse tijdschrift CQ citeert de auteur Christopher Ketcham een investmentbanker van Wall Street:

Earlier this winter, I met an investment banker who was diagnosed with a brain tumor five years ago. He's a managing director at a top Wall Street firm, and I was put in touch with him through a colleague who knew I was writing a story about the potential dangers of cell-phone radiation. He agreed to talk with me only if his name wasn't used, so I'll call him Jim.

He explained that the tumor was located just behind his right ear and was not immediately fatalthe five-year survival rate is about 70 percent. He was 35 years old at the time of his diagnosis and immediately suspected it was the result of his intense cell-phone usage. ''Not for nothing,'' he said, ''but in investment banking we've been using cell phones since 1992, back when they were the Gordon-Gekko-on-the-beach kind of phone''.

When Jim asked his neurosurgeon, who was on the staff of a major medical center in Manhattan, about the possibility of a cell-phone-induced tumor, the doctor responded that in fact he was seeing more and more of such casesyoung, relatively healthy businessmen who had long used their phones obsessively. He said he believed the industry had discredited studies showing there is a risk from cell phones. ''I got a sense that he was pissed off,'' Jim told me.

A handful of Jim's colleagues had already died from brain cancer; the more reports he encountered of young finance guys developing tumors, the more certain he felt that it wasn't a coincidence. ''I knew four or five people just at my firm who got tumors,'' Jim says. ''Each time, people ask the question. I hear it in the hallways.''

Geconfronteerd met de problematiek van de mobiele telefonie uit Allan Frey (een der eerste onderzoekers op het gebied van de biologische effecten van elektromagnetische velden en expert op het gebied van radar en microwave-ovens) als commentaar:

''Until there are bodies in the streets,'' he said, ''I don't think anything is going to change.''

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