UK: Twee ervaringsverhalen uit Engeland en een uit Nederland.

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Bron: ES-UK nov. 2009

Een moeder vertelt het ervaringsverhaal van haar dochter die (net als haar au-pair) in haar huis zo overgevoelig is geworden dat zij zelfs niet de computer meer kan gebruiken. Na maanden zoeken naar de oorzaak van haar gezondheidsklachten bleek die samen te hangen met de richtstraal van een communicatiezender tegenover haar huis. De zender werd pas in de winter zichtbaar, na het vallen van de bladeren...

Tin's story of electrosensitivity

Nina has kindly sent the following, since her daughter is now unable to use a computer. My daughter, a landscape painter, developed a sensitivity so powerful that she and her family had to vacate their home and move in with me. It began with my daughter having migraines, nausea, adrenaline rushes, weakness and exhaustion.

At first we all thought that it was the stress of having two one-man exhibitions in London, re-designing the garden of their house etc., all within a couple of months. The main area of the house which affected her, and also the au pair, was the kitchen where she prepared meals for the family and also where she did her paperwork, telephoning and computing. They also installed Broadband for two computers in the annex, about 50ft away from the house where my son-in-law had his office

They tried to find out what was causing the problem, believing it to be faulty wiring in the house, but none of the electricians who came could identify anything wrong. They then thought it might be due to geopathic stress so dowsers came and did tests for ley-lines which they put right, but the problem remained. After that the situation became intolerable and, at the end of October 2008 they sought refuge with me.

Things improved for a time but my daughter had to keep going back to the house to take measurements; soon she couldn't go into the house at all, then the garden and eventually the whole area surrounding the property as she became ill instantly. Their own house is situated on top of a hill and, when the leaves fell in the autumn, we saw the culprit: a mobile phone mast with relay drums beaming straight at their house from across a valley about a mile away.

My daughter did a lot of research into ES. She made contact with Professor Roger Coghill who has done much work on this subject over many years, and she made contact with another sufferer and so was able to understand her situation better. She now wears a protective veil when she goes out which helps to a degree. Unfortunately she found that my burglar alarm, which is wireless, affected her as did our neighbours' WiFi computers and their cordless phones. She cannot use a computer herself hence my writing this.

Her symptoms are cumulative as with most allergies. So they had to move out of here and into rented accommodation in their own village but in the valley so that they are protected by the hill from the mast. She is on a very strict cleansing diet, drinks 2 litres of water a day, exercises regularly and, so long as she uses her detector and keeps out of range of WiFi waves, she is feeling better. But she cannot fly, go in a train, travel in a car with SatNav or stay in hotels, go to restaurants or even visit friend who have wireless devices in their houses. So her life is curtailed but she remains very positive and will not consider anything less than a recovery in the future.



Giles uit Londen ondervond neurologische gezondheidsklachten en belandde zelfs op de eerste hulp met de gedachte van een hartaanval. Met hartritmestoringen bezocht hij herhaalde malen de cardioloog die echter niets afwijkend bij hem kon vinden.
Niet veel later ontdekte hij met een schok dat zijn gezondheidsklachten zich manifesteerden in de nabijheid van draadloze apparatuur. Hij saneerde zijn woning waardoor zijn klachten merkbaar afnamen en stopte met het dragen van een mobiel in zijn linker borstzak, hetgeen hij als motorrijder, zoals de meeste motorrijders, gewend was te doen; daarop verdwenen zijn hartritmestoringen.
Nu publiceert hij zijn verhaal om zoveel mogelijk mensen te waarschuwen:

Should you carry your mobile in your trouser pocket or motorbike jacket?

Giles from London records his experiences of ''phantom text messages'' and the onset of electrosensitivity. Should you carry your mobile in your trouser pocket or motorbike jacket?

Until last summer I was, like most people nowadays, very fond of all my modern communication gadgets, from WiFi to mobile, from Palm to laptops and all their advantages. From 2006 onwards I went several times to see a doctor for heart palpitations, but they couldn't find anything wrong with me.

Then in July 2008 I suddenly started experiencing dizziness on numerous occasions, till it got so bad one night, suffering even from speech problems, that I ended up in A&E thinking I had a stroke or heart attack; in the following weeks I underwent many tests. The results showed I was absolutely fine, but the symptoms stayed. The doctors told me I was just stressed, but the thing is I wasn't stressed at all prior to this.

To my own shock and confusion I realized that my dizziness always occurred, when I was in close vicinity to WiFi, mobiles, Blackberries and mobile masts. After medical professionals weren't able to help, I started my own research and found many websites and blogs by people, with exactly the same problems as mine. They are sufferers of electro-sensitivity (ES), a condition fully recognized in Canada and Sweden as a medical impairment (with 300.000 sufferers in Sweden alone) but unfortunately ridiculed in the UK.

I had never heard of it (this to show I am not a hypochondriac), but once I realized that this was the source of my problems, I started clearing my home environment from WiFi, DECT phones and non-essential electrical items. My problems immediately started to get noticeably better. Most men (especially on a motorbike) carry their mobile in their jacket or trousers for easy access. I used to carry mine in my motorbike jacket's front left pocket. I stopped doing that; my palpitations vanished.

In conversations with friends, colleagues and fellow bikers I heard that many of them experience similar symptoms like pain or tremors in the heart area or what are called ''phantom phone vibrations''. Every now and then I`d think I had a text message, when carrying my phone in my trouser pockets, but when I checked there was no message.

According to Swedish scientist and ES expert Olle Johansson this is caused ''by high intensity bursts of extremely-low frequency electromagnetic field charges that your phone is producing and affecting your nervous system.'' Of course I don't know if carrying your mobile is causing ES or if the Phantom text messages are just another symptom and the causes lie somewhere else, like problems with your immune system for example, but I guess it can't be good to have heart palpitations. I know: I have heard every joke about ''vibrating pockets'' and have been many times referred to Ben Goldacre's ''Bad Science''.

There are definitely pseudo-scientists out there making a lot of money from scaremongering, but you have to distinguish between those and the victims in all this. Retrospectively I am convinced that my heart palpitations were an early warning sign for what was happening later on. And believe me: ES is not an easy thing to live with.

Looking back it would have been great, if I had known more about the possible problems of overexposure to modern communication. So I am trying to raise awareness wherever I can and hope that by reading this you might suspend your disbelief and rethink some of your habits, until it's really proven that there are no dangers involved in using wireless technology to the extent we do at the moment.

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Aanvulling Stopumts:

Uw webmaster sprak een goede vriend die hem vertelde steeds tijdens het fietsen naar zijn werk (van Eersel naar Eindhoven) hartklachten te ondervinden en daarmee naar de cardioloog was geweest: ''Mijnheer ik zou willen dat ik met u kon ruilen, uw hart is perfect in orde!''.

Ik vroeg mijn vriend of hij op dat traject misschien langs zendmasten voor mobiele telefonie kwam. Dat bleek -na enig nadenken- niet het geval te zijn.
Daarop vroeg ik hem waar hij tijdens het fietsen zijn mobieltje bewaarde. Op dat moment viel niet alleen het kwartje maar ook zijn mond open van verbazing. ''Dat ik daar niet aan gedacht heb! Alleen tijdens het fietsen bewaar ik mijn mobieltje in mijn linker borstzak, thuis en op kantoor leg ik het altijd op mijn bureau''.

Deze gewoonte werd van die dag aan vervangen door een goede maatregel; mobieltje uit.
Mijn vriend heeft nooit meer last van zijn hart gehad...

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