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Bron: The Sun 24 juli 2009

Auteur: Dave Masters

FOR Steve Miller a trip to his local High Street is a living hell that makes him sick, dizzy and confused.
Pubs make him feel the same and he can't use trains, airports or hotels without experiencing head-banging agony.

But Steve doesn't suffer from some strange phobia. He is allergic to wi-fi.

And sadly for him - and the other two per cent of the population with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity - the number of people pumping out the wireless internet signal is on the rise.

Steve said: ''I feel like an exile on my own planet. It's almost impossible to find somewhere without wi-fi nowadays.

''If I fancy a pint I have to travel three miles to the only pub in my area that doesn't have it. I can't just go to the shops because huge parts of the High Street affect me.

''If I go somewhere, I can instantly sense the wi-fi and have to leg it.''

Being extra-sensitive to this ''electrosmog'' has made moving house a nightmare for Steve, as stray signals from neighbouring buildings could make him ill.

It has also cost the top DJ thousands of pounds in lost income.

Steve, who had a residency at huge Ibiza club Pacha before his allergy, said: ''I've missed out on loads of European DJ gigs as I can't find accommodation without wi-fi. Most hotels have it, as have all the airports. I can't even catch a train because they have it.''

Steve is safe in his current home, a detached house in a village near Falmouth, Cornwall, as it is isolated and has 18in-thick granite walls.

But since he and girlfriend Linda decided to move, it has been hard to find anywhere remote enough to avoid signals.

Steve said: ''I can't live within 50 yards of anyone. I wouldn't be able to stand it feeling ill in my own house.

''There's no medication you can take.''

Steve - better known to clubbing fans as Afterlife - now carries a wi-fi detector with him wherever he goes so he can avoid problem areas.

Steve only realised he suffered from the condition two years ago after turning up at a mate's studio that had recently installed wi-fi.

He and his pal were both feeling ill with headaches and dizziness and struggling to concentrate so they turned off the machine to see if they felt better... and they did.

Steve said: ''Some of my friends, or members of their family, are equally affected by wi-fi but are only just starting to notice as its use spreads.

''Even now there's very little education about it.''

There is no hard evidence that wi-fi is dangerous to your health.

But just three months ago teachers called for it to be banned in schools over health fears, and for a Government investigation into the biological and thermal effects.

A couple of years ago the German government even urged people to avoid wi-fi in favour of ''conventional wired connections''. Steve believes the issue needs looking into and that many people are suffering from his condition without realising.

He added: ''I certainly believe most of the headaches people get at work are caused by it.

''I've spoken to friends who work in offices who have ended up living on painkillers because of their daily headaches. They tried turning off their transmitters and found their headaches stopped.

''There's a lot of anecdotal evidence that the radiation has made people feel ratty and tired, caused disrupted sleep, rows and even the break-up of relationships.

''I'd advise people to turn off their wi-fi at home and see if it changes the way they feel. They just might get a surprise.''

HAVE you experienced wi-fi sickness? Share your views with other readers below.

Steve's new Afterlife album, Electrosensitive, is out now on Defected Records.

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www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/2552553/Wi-fi-waves-make-top-DJ-Dave-Miller-sick.html .

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Posted by: TechDetox

I have complete understanding of Steve's situation and have experienced exactly the same thing. My similar symptoms started when wireless internet was accidentally activated in my office and I became so ill with dizziness, headaches, nausea, digestive disturbances, sleep disorder and anxiety issues that I could no longer work. By chance, I discovered wifi router had been activated in wireless capacity and within a day of turning it off, symptoms began to disappear. As long as I can stay out of wifi zones, I am fine.

However, I cannot operate freely in society any longer, as I am unable to stay in hotels, shop in certain stores or visit friends or areas with wifi. This is a real illness caused by exposure to low intensity microwave radiation.

None of this new technology has been tested and there are no regulations. We are all part of a huge experiment with no controls. Steve, and many like him including myself, are just the beginning of a massive wave of sensitivity to microwave radiation.

Those who are not affected yet should not congratulate themselves too soon, as experience shows that the exposures are cumulative and will result in some form of sensitivity or serious illness over time. Children are most at risk as we were not exposed to this in schools and homes as they are today.

It took 42 years to bring the tobacco industry under control, and this industry is no different. Emerging science now shows clearly that cellular damage from 2.45 Ghz - which is wifi - happens within minutes to 2 hours of exposure. Also, this signal is digitally pulsed which is a technology that causes far more harm. The global population needs to wake up and realize personal rights and freedoms are being eroded by wireless industries who are exposing everyone and everything to chronic low intensity non-thermal microwave radiation.

In effort to support children and others being exposed involuntarily, I have started a Canadian non-profit organization, Citizens for Safe Technology. I will provide scientific research and articles to support Steve and others experiencing electromagnetic sensitivity. We are all in this together, it is just that some people haven't realized it yet.

Just because there are no symptoms for some, does not mean they are escaping the cellular changes and other health damages. Recognize the symptoms of non-thermal microwave radiation so you can protect yourself and your family. At the very least, turn off your wifi routers at night to protect others. Choose to hard wire your computer at home which is a simple measure to protect your health. Note that the Israeli Minister of the Environment just banned wireless internet in homes due to risk of 24/7 microwave radiation. Best wishes to Steve.

en deze:

Posted by: glenmayepete

I'm in the same boat. I suffer from electrosensitivity to mobiles and wi-fi. I believe that heavy metal toxicity is a major cause of electrosensitivity the main cause being dental amalgams (mercury). It's a very complex illness and is fundamentally an extreme electrolyte imbalance with mercury being involved. First step is to get rid of any amalgam fillings by a holistic dentist. Then chelate the mercury out of the body which will take years!! This will eventually hopefully weaken the symptoms of electrosensitivity.

It's a very complex condition and the NHS should try and help electrosensitives because the illness is only going to spread with the increase of wireless devices. God help us all!

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