Microwave Syndrome in Two Men Shortly after Installation of 5G on the Roof above their Office

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Development of the Microwave Syndrome in Two Men Shortly after Installation of 5G on the Roof above their Office

Source: www.anncaserep.com/open-access/development-of-the-microwave-syndrome-in-two-men-shortly-after-9589.pdf
Annals of Clinical Case Reports

Nilsson M.1 and Hardell L.2
1. Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, Sweden
2. The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation, Sweden

The 5th generation, 5G, for wireless communication is rolled out without previous studies on potential effects on human health and the environment. In this case study we describe two men, case 1 and case 2, working in three office rooms close to base stations. After the deployment of 5G, both men developed symptoms typical for the microwave syndrome, e.g., headache, tinnitus, dizziness, balance disorder, concentration and attention deficiency, and fatigue. Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR) after the 5G deployment was measured in the three offices. In office one maximum (peak) RFR during one minute varied from 463 to 1,180,000 µW/m2, in office two from 6,230 to 501,000 and in office three from 13,700 to 613,000 µW/m2.The symptoms disappeared in both men within a couple of weeks (case 1) or immediately (case 2) after leaving the office for other offices with much lower maximum peak RFR emissions, maximum for case 1 =16 and for case 2 =2,920 µW/m2. This case report may be regarded as a provocation study on health from 5G RFR. The clinical picture in both men was clearly related to the exposure, although the exposures were well below the guidelines recommended by ICNIRP that are claimed to protect against all health effects. We conclude that the guidelines for RFR exposure based only on tissue heating by ICNIRP are inadequate to protect human health and that 5G appears to provoke symptoms of microwave syndrome in previously healthy people.

Keywords: Base station; 5G; Radiofrequency radiation; Electromagnetic hypersensitivity; microwave syndrome; Health

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