Electromagnetic hypersensitivity close to mobile phone base stations

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Electromagnetic hypersensitivity close to mobile phone base stations – a case study in Stockholm, Sweden

Bron: www.degruyter.com/document/doi/10.1515/reveh-2021-0169/html
Published online by De Gruyter March 2, 2022

Lennart Hardell and Tarmo Koppel
From the journal Reviews on Environmental Health

A previously healthy worker developed symptoms assigned to electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) after moving to an office with exposure to high levels of anthropogenic electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These symptoms consisted of e.g. headache, arthralgia, tinnitus, dizziness, memory loss, fatique, insomnia, transitory cardiovascular abnormalities, and skin lesions. Most of the symptoms were alleviated after 2 weeks sick leave. The highest radiofrequency (RF) field level at the working place was 1.72 V/m (7,852 μW/m2). Maximum value for extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF-EMF) from electric power at 50 Hz was measured to 285 nT (mean 241 nT). For electric train ELF-EMF at 16.7 Hz was measured to 383 nT (mean 76 nT). Exposure to EMFs at the working place could be the cause for developing EHS related symptoms. The association was strengthened by the symptom reduction outside the working place.

Keywords: electromagnetic hypersensitivity; EMF; radiofrequency radiation; symptoms

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