Mother Warns Women Not to Keep Phones in Their Bras

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4 maart 2017

The habit of keeping a cell phone tucked in the bra invites breast cancer.

Mum warns women not to keep phones in their bras after Samsung Galaxy S7 burns her boob
by Amy-Clare Martin,, 4 March 2017

Georgie Tufnail, 31, left with 'hot and seeping' wound in her breast after tucking her handset down her top

A WOMAN has told how her Samsung phone burned her breast after she tucked it in her bra.

Georgie Tufnail, 31, suffered an infection in her left boob after her Galaxy S7 caused the injury.

Georgie is on antibiotics to treat the wound, which she said was “‘hot and seeping”.

She said she put the £500 handset down her bra when she was in a rush with her young son.

She noticed it felt hot, but two hours later she took the phone out and found the nasty injury.

She said: “It was a line of disgusting green pus.

“It was obvious from where it was that it was the phone.”

Full-time mum Georgie, of Chatham, Kent, saw her doctor, who prescribed antibiotics.

She said: “The first thing my doctor said was, ‘Is it a Samsung?’ I had no idea of their problems.

“I just want to warn people not to keep their phones there.

“I know people do because it’s just easy access. .

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