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vrijdag, 04 mei 2018 - Categorie: Reacties

4 mei 2018

Betreft het artikel: 'How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation'

De brief

First my compliments for the excellent article. In your letters section there was a comment by John Crawfurd in which he writes: “The air is full of radiation from disparate sources, and it is excessively selective to blame very weak cell-phone signals while ignoring everything else bombarding our body, starting with the sun.” And indeed, on a sunny day the energy deposited on earth by the sun can be over 1000 W/m2, while the European maximum allowable limit for UMTS radiation is only 10 W/m2 (will be about the same in the USA). So how can that be a problem? The problem is that the sunlight yields a field strength of 0 V/m, while the limit for UMTS radiation corresponds to 61 V/m, infinitely larger. Furthermore that radiation also penetrates into our body and is largely absorbed there. Want to know more? See: .

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