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Bron: EMF Refugee
24 jan. 2017

In de USA is een actie gaande met een oproep aan elektrogevoelige personen om een brief te schrijven naar de President van de USA. Vanwege de interessante inhoud reproduceren we hier het door EMF Refugee opgestelde concept:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

I am having health problems due to the increasing amount of background radiofrequency radiation in our country (a.k.a electrosmog). Given that we are today exposed to 100 million times more background radiation than our parents were, that should hardly be a surprise. In your first few months in office, please help America become a safer place for all of us. Please:

1. Repeal Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This Section prohibits municipalities from refusing installation of wireless facilities (i.e. cell towers) on the grounds of human or environmental health. Since being enacted, local governments have had very little say and control over their own property.
2. Lower the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) safety limits: Our current safety standards are a half-century old. Thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies have proven that there are biological implications in humans, animals, and the environment at levels up to 10,000 lower than those currently allowed by the United States FCC. We propose lowering the limit for radiofrequency radiation emissions from 10,000 mW/m2 to 1 mW/m2 or lower – this will be a big step forward in putting health first instead of profits. Many countries around the world have already lowered their safety limits.
3. Ban cell phone (and cordless phone) usage among children. France has banned Wi-Fi in schools. Many European countries have also banned cell phone advertising towards children or even banned cell phones entirely. A child’s brain absorbs far more electromagnetic radiation than an adult’s does. Given that those who begin using cell phones before the age of twenty are five times more likely to develop malignant brain tumors throughout their lifetime, we should be controlling the use of wireless technologies the same way we limit the use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Let’s put child safety first again! A corded landline telephone is the only safe way to talk on the phone.
4. Impose a nationwide smart-meter ban: These two-way communication devices have absolutely no benefits for the consumer, while allowing utilities to fire their meter-readers in droves. Thousands of smart-meters around the country have caught fire, burning homes to the ground, sometimes resulting in fatalities. While utilities vehemently argue our data is safe with them, smart-meters collect our electrical usage data and send it back to the utility – meaning they know exactly who’s in the house, what we’re watching on television, and how long we spend in the shower. This is an outright violation of our Fourth Amendment Rights. Furthermore, smart-meters emit carcinogenic radiofrequency pulses up to thousands or tens of thousands of day, causing headaches, heart palpitations, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) among residents. We deserve to feel safe and happy in our own homes. Hundreds have had to flee their homes after smart-meters were installed and now live as refugees, sleeping in their cars or worse. Even though we have the right to keep our analog meters and no law mandates the usage of a smart-meter, utilities are vigorously forcing them upon us and disconnecting those who refuse them.
5. Ban Wi-Fi (wireless network access) in schools. Millions of children experience “Wi-Fi allergies” on a daily basis. Headaches, difficulty concentrating, etc. One teenager was forced to take her own life after her school refused to be accommodating and remove Wi-Fi from her classroom. How many people need to die before action is taking? We don’t allow children to take drugs, drink beer, or smoke, so why should we be microwaving them with a Class 2B carcinogen? We can have 21st century learning, but we can do it the good old-fashioned way: by hardwiring computers with Ethernet cables, which provider faster, safer, more secure, and more reliable network access.
6. Establish “white zones” throughout the US. While Green Bank in West Virginia serves as an unofficial refugee camp for the electrohypersensitive, it has become harder and harder to find places to live that are free of toxic levels of radiofrequency radiation. If you take a look at cell phone coverage maps, you’ll find hardly any white spots left. That’s why we need to act now and establish “EMF sanctuaries”, or designated areas throughout the United States where the use of wireless technologies is severely restricted, if not banned outright.

Those of us suffering from being exposed to toxic levels of electromagnetic radiation have been forgotten, neglected, abused, and ridiculed for far too long. We have been thrown under the bus by big industry and corporate profits. Electric utilities are disconnecting us for refusing smart-meters, even though they are not required by law. As our new President, please help make Americasafe again! We know this is a big battle to fight. Corporate greed and industry are no easy opponents. But if we succeed, you will forever be remembered as the President that rebuilt America. You promised us that we would not be forgotten. Please stick to your promise and fight for all of us.

Please make America Great Again,
EMF Sufferer


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