International Workshop on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

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nov. 2013

8th International Workshop on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields
21 - 26 September, 2014

The 8th EMF Workshop will be held in Bulgaria, in small region close to town Varna, on the Black sea.

We invite specialists in the field of measurement, dosimetry, exposure and risk assessment of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the working and living environment, scientists studying biological and adverse health effects of EMF, developing exposure limits and legislation, epidemiologists and specialists in social sciences promoting communication strategies in the field of EMF prevention of workers and general population. Different stakeholders are welcome as well for wide discussion of public concern about EMF human exposure.

The main focus of the meeting will cover occupational exposure; exposure and risk assessment in the working environment; new European legislation.

All aspects of UV radiation exposure in different occupations will be discussed including legislation and restrictions for sources of radiation, especially in cosmetics.

We invite young researchers, also students to attend the young scientists’ session that we plan to organize at the time of the 8th EMF Workshop.

We continue the tradition started in 2000 to gather scientists, university professors and other specialists from the Mediterranean countries, with the kind attendance of leading specialists from all over the world including representatives or members of WHO, ICNIRP, BEMS, EBEA, NATO, ICOH and other international organizations.

We hope that the 8th EMF Workshop will help the global societies to gather more scientists in the field of non-ionizing radiation protection to participate in collaboration with all researchers from European countries and worldwide.

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