Italië: Congres over Radar, radiofrequente Straling en Gezondheidsrisico's

donderdag, 28 maart 2013 - Categorie: Oproepen

Bron: AMICA Association for Chronic Chemical and/or Environmental Injury 28 maart 2013 .

Interessant is dat dit eendaags congres zoveel goede sprekers heeft en dat het de steun heeft van de President van de Italiaanse Republiek en onder patronage staat van het Ministerie van Milieu. Zoiets, steun van de Koningin en van een ministerie zou in Nederland volslagen ondenkbaar zijn, en dat voor een ziekte/handicap die in Nederland 'niet bestaat' . Wel merkwaardig dat er dezelfde dag een congres over dit onderwerp in Zwitserland is.

Dear EMF Activists,

I would like to invite you to a congress entitled “Radar, radiofrequency and health risks” that will be take place on April, 20 2013 in Potenza Picena, in the central Region Marche in Italy.

This event, which is organized by ICEMS, AMICA, Città Prestata and Tribunale della Salute, received the support of the President of the Italian Republic and the patronage of the Ministry of Environment, of the Region Marche and of other Municipalities.

Among the others, there will be lectures by:

Prof. Henry Lai, University of Washington, Seattle (USA) about Health concerns of radar and base station radiation exposure

Prof. Livio Giuliani- Tuscia University, ICEMS Spokesman Venezia, about Non-thermal mechanisms of interaction between RF and living organisms (monograph ICEMS)

Prof. Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden about Electromagnetic fields and the principle of precaution

Prof.ssa Nesrin Seyhan, Gazi University, Ankara(TR); ICEMS Venezia about Microwave Research Studies of Gazi Biophysics and GNRK

Dott. Örjan Hallberg, Hallberg Independent Research about Epidemiology related to mobile phone masts and radio frequency

Dott. Lennart Hardell, Orebro University about Epidemiology of mobile phone use (videolecture)

Dott. Fiorenzo Marinelli IGM-CNR, Bologna, ICEMS Venezia about Biological effects of the radar radiation in the houses of Potenza Picena

The latter presentation will show a new approach to demonstrate the biological effects of cell cultures exposed in the houses of people suspected to be damaged by EMF. Now it is possibile to have evidence of the DNA and enzimatic damages occurring in the exposed cells, compared to non exposed controls.

We really hope to meet you in Potenza Picena.

Kindest Regards,

Francesca Romana Orlando
Vice President of AMICA
Association for Chronic Chemical
and/or Environmental Injury

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