Internationale petitie om stralingsslachtoffers mobiele technologie te helpen.

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Please support the Avaaz petition - “Invitation to the medical profession as well as to the politicians for dealing with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) as a disease to help the affected

This Avaaz petition is a distress call to the entire medical profession, finally - together with the research science - to pay attention the problem of the “disease of non - ionizing radiation” (NIS).

A person concerned of EHS have used for this reason and in their distress, the possibility of the distress call on the Avaaz platform to the politicians respectively to the medical profession to draw with their petition attention to the complex of problems of these person group, so that finally something is being done by politicians and the medical profession.

It is requested to support the petition
Medical scientists who are familiar with the electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) disease and learn to treat it

The increase in recent years of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), especially on children, has shown that educating the population and a careful handling of the cellular mobile telephony is important and that there must be also an education at the medical scientists, so that they know that this disease exists and that they can offer the people a treatment option or an abatement. The people are still crowded in the mental corner. Therefore should the responsible EU commissioner Hr.John Dalli take care and encourage this in other countries.

Why this is important
Due to the rapid rise of cellular mobile telephony and new wireless technologies and the always far too high limits, there are many people who sicken through this aggressive cellular mobile telephony. Many of the following symptoms:

1. Vibration - continuous, varying in intensity with the perception, if everything would be energized, all objects and even the own body are vibrating

2. Cramps - any musculature groups like back, legs, arms, shoulder etc. (including the respiratory muscles, the result is a severe shortness of breath)

3. Inflammation - hollow organs, musculature, sinews, joints (pain / acampsia)

4. Blood and lymphatic stases, thrombus formation - strong blood circulation problems, lymph accumulation especially in the extremities
Other frequently stated symptoms which existed previously and since the LTE - operation in a very pronounced form:

5. Insomnia, depending on the intensity of LTE transmission power up to full sleep deprivation

6. Situations of weakness in an extreme form

7. Pain in the nerves, including in a flash

8. Hearing of a pulsed frequency tone (high frequency hearing)

9. Heart troubles, blood pressure derailments

10. Insensitiveness and numbness in the extremities.

This disease is called electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and at this time there is no proper treatment especially no doctors who deal with it. By the governments and operators the people is still said that cellular mobile telephony is harmless for the health, because long - term studies are lacking. What a statement! The people are pushed into the mental corner. The people who want to experience an abatement must often leave their apartment or house when the neighbour installs a W - Lan or Dect - (cordless phone) into the apartment and it is getting more and more harder to find a place where they can live. Of course, the job loss is pre - programmed, they slip out into the financial. Many times they lose their families, now they have also the emotional distress. They lose friends and acquaintances, because they have to live in forest or in places where there is no radiation; constantly on the run from this technology. You only hear: ''They must move away'', but where?

The radius is getting more and more closer, there is hardly an area that is not irradiated. Although reputable scientists have proved through thousands of reports that this cellular mobile telephony, how it is used now, is harmful to health, but there is a big economic interest as an opposite. When I asked once an operator in private he told me: “What would happen if one time would come out that cellular mobile telephony is harmful?” “We know that there may be redness or burning on the skin, skin tingling etc. but this is only by a small percentage of people the case and we can not consider on them, especially, imagine, all the jobs would be lost. That will not and can not come out.” This question was raised in the year 2001.

And what about a treatment or an abatement of the pain and the symptoms, where is a competent doctor? Nowhere!!! More and more people are getting EHS and there is a serious problem unless something happen soon, because the technology is developing further and further. At the end of this electromagnetic hypersensitivity are not only dizziness, hot flushes, burning of the skin as if it is burned, but the cell death cancer and tumours.

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