ICNIRP 7th International Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation

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Van: ICNIRP Secretariat mailto:info@icnirp.org
ICNIRP 7th International Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation

ICNIRP 7th International Workshop on Non-Ionizing Radiation - Exhibition, Poster and Registration

Date : 9-11 May 2012
Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland


ICNIRP, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, is holding the 7th International Workshop on Non Ionizing Radiation from 9 to 11 May 2012 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Experts from all relevant scientific disciplines (i.e. physics & engineering, biology and epidemiology) will present the most recent advances in research and protection in the different areas of NIR, including electromagnetic fields and optical radiation. In the last years, ICNIRP has revisited most of its protection guidelines and the workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of updated recommendations, methodology for their development, scientific rationale, and recommended restrictions on exposure.
All topics of the workshop are listed here www.icnirp.org/NIR2012/NIR2012prog.htm

Registration to the workshop is open at www.icnirp.org/NIR2012/NIR2012reg.htm.

For any information request, please contact the ICNIRP Secretariat at info@icnirp.org

Karine Chabrel
on behalf of the ICNIRP Secretariat

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