ICNIRP Conference on Non-Ionizing Radiation and Children's Health.

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International Joint Conference on Non-Ionizing Radiation and Children's Health, 18 - 20 May 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Announcement & Call for Contributions
The joint Conference co-organized by COST, ICNIRP, BfS, WHO, EuroSkin and INIS will take place from 18 to 20 May 2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The objectives of the Conference are to provide:

o a focus for expert knowledge, review and opinion on scientific studies relevant to NIR exposures and childrenís health;

o up-to-date information on relevant ongoing scientific studies;

o a platform for discussion on special topics and various exposure situations;

o information on current research agendas and their future development;

o conference proceedings containing invited, submitted and poster papers and rapporteursí session reports.

The conference committee is now calling for contributions for platform or poster presentation. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 17 January.

The online registration process will open shortly. We will notify you when this is available.

For all information concerning the Conference please refer to:


Meanwhile, if you wish to contact the organizers, please send us an email at info@icnirp.org.

Best regards,

Karine Chabrel
on behalf of the Conference Committee

Internationale Conferentie over Niet-ioniserende straling en de gezondheid van kinderen

18 - 20 May 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia 18-20 mei 2011, Ljubljana, SloveniŽ

The conference is co-organized by COST Action BM0704, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Society for Skin Cancer Prevention (EUROSKIN) and will be hosted by the Slovenian Institute of Non-Ionizing Radiation (INIS). De conferentie wordt mede georganiseerd door COST Actie BM0704, de International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), het Duits Federaal Bureau voor Stralingsbescherming (BFS), de World Health Organization (WHO) en de European Society for Skin Cancer Prevention (EUROSKIN) en zal worden gehost door de Sloveense Instituut van niet-ioniserende straling (INIS).

Non-ionizing fields and radiations included in the program are electric and magnetic fields 0-300 GHz, infrared, visible and ultraviolet radiations. Niet-ioniserende velden en straling in het programma opgenomen zijn elektrische en magnetische velden 0-300 GHz, infrarood, zichtbare en ultraviolette straling. Invited expert speakers will provide review and analysis of recent scientific studies and up-to-date information on progress on ongoing studies. Uitgenodigde deskundige sprekers zullen herziening en analyse van de recente wetenschappelijke studies en up-to-date informatie over de voortgang van lopende studies.

Topics include: Onderwerpen zijn onder meer:

* Protection of Children against NIR * Bescherming van kinderen tegen NIR
* Childhood Leukaemia * Kinderdagverblijf Leukemie
* Other Childhood Cancers * Andere kanker bij kinderen
* Children & Sunbeds * Kinderen & Zonnebanken
* Current Mobile Phone Studies * Huidige mobiele telefoon Studies
* Children and MRI * Kinderen en MRI
* Prenatal Exposures - NIR Occupational Exposures of Mother * Prenatale blootstellingen - NIR beroepsmatige blootstellingen van Moeder
* Children and New NIR Technologies * Kinderen en Nieuwe TechnologieŽn NIR
* Children sensitivity to NIR * Kinderen gevoeligheid voor NIR
* Skin Cancer Screening and Prevention * Kanker van de Huid screening en preventie
* Research Agendas * Onderzoeksagenda's
* Sleep and Wellbeing * Slaap en Welzijn
* Chemical and Physical Agents * Chemische en fysische agentia
* Immunological Challenges * Immunologische Uitdagingen
* Animal Studies * Dierproeven
* Exposure Assessments and Dosimetry * Blootstellingsbepalingen en dosimetrie
* Mechanisms of Interaction * Mechanismen van interactie
* UVR and Disease * UVR en Ziektepreventie
* EMF Epidemiology * EMF Epidemiologie

Program Committee: Programma Comite:

Alastair McKinlay, COST Action BM0704, United Kingdom Alastair McKinlay, COST Actie BM0704, Verenigd Koninkrijk
Paolo Vecchia, ICNIRP, Italy Paolo Vecchia, ICNIRP, ItaliŽ
Gunde Ziegelberger, ICNIRP, BfS, Germany Gunde Ziegelberger, ICNIRP, BfS
Emilie Van Deventer, World Health Organization, Switzerland Emilie Van Deventer, World Health Organization, Zwitserland
Mirjana Moser, COST Action BM0704, Switzerland Mirjana Moser, COST Actie BM0704, Zwitserland
Ruediger Greinert, EuroSkin, Germany Ruediger Greinert, EuroSkin, Duitsland
Luis Correia, Technical University of Lisbon Luis Correia, Technische Universiteit van Lissabon

Registration and further information Registratie en verdere informatie
If you wish to contact the organizers, send us an email at info@icnirp.org. Wilt u contact opnemen met de organisatoren, stuur ons dan een email naar info@icnirp.org.

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