The Radiation Research Trust are holding a very important day conference

zaterdag, 28 september 2019 - Categorie: Oproepen

Can Wireless Communications Damage Your Health?
Bron: Can Wireless Communications Damage Your Health?

in London on Saturday 28th September 2019

9am Welcome and introduction by RRT Chairman Brian Stein CBE
followed by Rapid overview of Non-Ionising Radiation Health Key Points by Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe.
9.10 Dr Dimitris J Panagopoulos (Greece) Modern Telecommunication Microwave EMFs health Effects and Mechanism of Action
9.50 Professor Martin Pall (USA) Predicted Effects of 5G in the contect of safety guideline failure
10.30 BREAK
10.50 Professor Dr Lennart Hardell (Sweden) Cancer epidemiology in humans, IARC classification, vulnerability of children
11.30 Dr Ron Melnick (USA) National Toxicology Program's Studies on cell phone radiation: utility for assessing human health risks
12.10 Q and A
12.30 LUNCH
13.10 Dr Andrea Vornoli (Italy) The Ramazzini Institute Bioassay on radio-frequency radiation and Genetic Profiling of rat gliomas
13.50 Dr Peter Ohnsorge (Germany) European network of doctors, educated in individualized clinical environmental medicine
14.20 Dr Sarah Starkey (UK) Critique of PHE AGNIR report, current UK guidance and need for change
14.50 Brian Stein CBE (UK) The politics of doubt
15.20 BREAK
15.40 Dr Devra Davis (live video USA) Epidemiological evidence for health effects, fertility effects and vulnerabilities of children
16.20 Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe (UK) Overview of EMF health effects, EHS review and conference summary
17.00 all speakers panel discussion, press questions
17.25 Brian Stein rounds up and thanks speakers

Reasons why you should be concerned are set out by by Frank Clegg, in the video below. .

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