WHO : niet vergeten te stemmen voor erkenning EHS

zondag, 27 november 2016 - Categorie: Oproepen

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27 nov. 2016

VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE In The World Health Organization’s EMF Project
This document will be calling the WHO on its failure to acknowledge EHS and address the proven harm caused by EMFs, as well as on its hiring of a blatantly industry-biased electrical engineer to head its EMF Project.

Please share with family and friends worldwide!

-Your e-mail address will NOT be shared with WHO or anyone else. It will be kept on file for use only if I’m challenged by WHO on the legitimacy of the names provided.
-Your name/e-mail address will not be added to my mailing list, but you may sign up separately if you wish to receive updates from me on the vote and other EMR/EHS-related info.
-The call to action is on my website and is not connected to any other social change/petition platform, so you will not receive any other requests to support a cause or sign a petition.
-This is a chance for us to collectively have an impact, letting the World Health Organization know that we no longer recognize its authority or respect its unscientific, industry-driven decisions regarding the worldwide harm being caused by wireless radiation.
Feedback and comments are welcome.
If anyone would like to submit a comment about their personal situation (one short paragraph), they are welcome to e-mail it to me and I will include it in the WHO document, using their initials or whatever ID they wish to provide.

Thank you!

S.v.p. stemmen, zie bovenstaande link.

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