Prenatal MF exposure may have an adverse effect on embryonic development.

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30 juni 2014

Su et al.
Correlation between Exposure to Magnetic Fields and Embryonic Development in the First Trimester
PLoS One. 2014 Jun 30;9(6):e101050.

Explores the correlation between maternal magnetic field (MF) exposure in daily life and embryonic development.

A cross-sectional study was conducted among 149 pregnant women who were seeking induced abortion of unwanted pregnancies. Participating women were asked to wear an EMDEX Lite magnetic field meter for a 24-h period to obtain MF exposure level within 4 weeks following the abortion.

Embryonic bud length was inversely associated with maternal daily MF exposure level; the association was statistically significant at the time-weighted-average and 75th percentile of MF exposure levels, with coefficients of -3.09 (P=0.0479) and -3.07(P=0.0228), respectively. Logistic regression for examining the risk of higher MF exposure indicated that women with her 75th percentile of daily MF measurements ≥0.82 mG had a 3.95-fold risk of having a fetus with a shorter embryonic bud length than those whose daily MF exposure were <0.82 mG. MF exposure was associated with a higher degree of apoptosis, but the association was not statistically significant. We failed to find a statistical correlation between MF exposure and embryonic sac length and histological changes in the first trimester.

Prenatal MF exposure may have an adverse effect on embryonic development.

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