Effect van straling van mobieltjes op de huid

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Bron: onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/micc.12062/abstract .
17 april 2013

Is the effect of mobile phone radiofrequency waves on human skin perfusion non-thermal?

Nathalie Loos1,*, Thuróczy György2, Rania Ghosn2, Valérie Brenet-Dufour3, Sophie Liabeuf3,4, Brahim Selmaoui2, Libert Jean-Pierre1, Véronique Bach1, Momar Diouf5, René de Seze2
DOI: 10.1111/micc.12062

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thermostatic laser Doppler flowmetry;skin microcirculation;radiofrequency exposure;skin micro blood flow;skin temperature

to establish whether skin micro blood flow can be modified by exposure to the radiofrequency waves emitted by a mobile phone when the latter is held against the jaw and ear.

Variations in skin micro blood flow and skin temperature in adult volunteers were simultaneously recorded with a thermostatic laser Doppler system during a 20-minute “radiofrequency” exposure session and a 20-minute “sham” session. The skin microvessels’ vasodilatory reserve was assessed with a heat challenge at the end of the protocol.

During the radiofrequency exposure session, skin micro blood flow increased (vs. baseline) more than during the sham exposure session. The sessions did not differ significant in terms of the skin temperature time-course response. The skin microvessels’ vasodilatory ability was found to be greater during radiofrequency exposure than during sham exposure.

Our results reveal the existence of a specific vasodilatory effect of mobile phone radiofrequency emission on skin perfusion.

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