Turkije: GSM exposure affects blood glucose, total protein levels, structure of brain cortex

zondag, 23 december 2012 - Categorie: Onderzoeken

Bron: Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine 2012 Dec;31(4):344-55. doi: 10.3109/15368378.2012.662192.

The effects of long-term exposure of magnetic field via 900-MHz GSM radiation on some biochemical parameters and brainhistology in rats.

Celikozlu SD, Ozyurt MS, Cimbiz A, Yardimoglu MY, Cayci MK, Ozay Y.
Altintas Vocational School of Dumlupinar University, Altintas , Kütahya , Turkey.

The aim of this study is to determine the effects of magnetic field via cell phones on some blood parameters and neurons in the brain of rats. Animals have been classified into three groups: control, Magnetic Field (MF), and F2 groups.

Throughout this study, cell phones were placed on the wall of the cages. Rats were exposed to the effects of cell phones during prenatal and postnatal periods until they were 80 days old. During the study, the exposure procedure of rats was that the phone was in standby mode for a whole day and in talking mode for 30 min per day. The waves of cell phones caused an increased blood glucose level from 96.52 ± 5.64 mg/dl to 132.14 ± 5.93 mg/dl and an increased serum protein level from 131.14 ± 6.19 mg/dl to 319.29 ± 6.73 mg/dl compared to control.

Statistically, significant differences wasn't observed in the blood cholesterol concentration between the groups compared to the control. Weekly weight gain decreased in all groups compared to the control. MF exposure decreased pyramidal neuron numbers 51.15% and increased ischemic neuron numbers 73% at cortex region of brain. In addition, vascular dilatations have increased clearly in group F2.Whereas the procedure of MF did not have any effects on hippocampal pyramidal cell numbers, magnetic fields increased the amount of ischemic neurons three-fold compared to the control.

In conclusion, MF affected some biochemical parameters, especially the cortex region of the brain.

PMID: 22676902

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