Gezondheidsgevolgen door de introductie van elektricitei in de moderne maatschappij.

dinsdag, 31 juli 2012 - Categorie: Onderzoeken

Global electromagnetic toxicity and frequency-induced diseases: Theory and short overview

Bron: Pathophysiology, 2012 (in press)

Sergio Manzettia, Olle Johansson

The development and implementation of electricity in the modern society have facilitated the survival of mankind in the present, modern ages. However, the health consequences of introducing electricity into the society are poorly studied. Studies of artificial light and non-ionizing radiation are generally low priorities on the agenda of public health organizations, and the reported existing data indicate that there are several unanswered questions to whether humans are negatively affected in electrified environments.

This article discusses the potential aspects of the impact of electricity on human health and brain function and introduces a hypothesis. The article furthermore discusses the disturbance of sleep patterns caused by electrified environments, and the increasing absence of natural stimuli to the human brain causing chronic ‘digital stress’ facilitating pathophysiological development.

A significant need to study adverse health effects from non-ionizing radiation and synthetic luminous environments from an environmental toxicological perspective is definitely urged.

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