Iran: Sterke invloed straling mobiele telefoon op testosteron en FSH hormoon bij konijnen.

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Bron: African Journal of Biochemistry Research Vol. 5(2), pp. 65-68, February 2011

The influence of 950 MHz magnetic field (mobile phone radiation) on sex organ and adrenal functions of male rabbits.

M. R. Sarookhani*, M. Asiabanha Rezaei, A. Safari, V. Zaroushani and M. Ziaeiha

School of Public Health, Qazvin University of Medical Sciences, Bahonar Blvd, Qazvin, Iran.

Mobile phones are used frequently and held close to the body thus they are potentially dangerous sources of electromagnetic (EM) radiations. The clear effects of EMF (electromagnetic field) on many organs of the body have not been known until now and have puzzled scientists. The objective of this study was the evaluation of the influence of different powers (3 and 6 W) of 950 MHz magnetic field on testosterone, FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and cortisol levels of male rabbits.

The study was conducted on 18 male rabbits with an average weight of 1400 to 1700 g. The exposure period of simulated mobile phone radiations (950 MHz; 3 and 6 W) was 2 h/day for 2 weeks. Blood was taken from the animals and FSH, testosterone, and cortisol levels of sera were assayed and compared with the control group.

The results showed a decrease (P<0.05) in the concentration of testosterone in both 3 and 6 W groups. In the 6 W group, FSH concentration increased (compared to 3 W) but decreased in comparison to the control group. There were no differences in cortisol levels in any group.

Results consequently suggest that testosterone and FSH levels are disturbed as a result of mobile phone exposure and it possibly affects reproductive functions. However, cortisol concentration as a marker of adrenal gland function was not affected.

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