Italië: Wel degelijk statistische toename hersentumoren bij meer dan 10 jaar mobiel bellen.

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Epidemiologia e Prevenzione. 2011 May-Aug;35(3-4):188-99.

Mobile phones and head tumours: it is time to read and highlight data in a proper way.
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Levis AG, Minicucci N, Ricci P, Gennaro V, Garbisa S.

Dipartimento scienze biomediche, Università di Padova.

The uncertainty about the relationship between the use of mobile phones (MPs: analogue and digital cellulars, and cordless) and the increase of head tumour risk can be solved by a critical analysis of the methodological elements of both the positive and the negative studies.

Results by Hardell indicate a cause/effect relationship: exposures for or latencies from ? 10 years to MPs increase by up to 100% the risk of tumour on the same side of the head preferred for phone use (ipsilateral tumours) - which is the only one significantly irradiated - with statistical significance for brain gliomas, meningiomas and acoustic neuromas.

On the contrary, studies published under the Interphone project and others produced negative results and are characterised by the substantial underestimation of the risk of tumour.

However, also in the Interphone studies a clear and statistically significant increase of ipsilateral head tumours (gliomas, neuromas and parotid gland tumours) is quite common in people having used MPs since or for ? 10 years. And also the metaanalyses by Hardell and other Authors, including only the literature data on ipsilateral tumours in people having usedMPs since or for ? 10 years - and so also part of the Interphone data - still show statistically significant increases of head tumours.

PMID: 21914915

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