Egypte: Sterke effecten op aminozuren in rattenhersenen na 1 uur blootstelling aan EMV

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Bron: European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences 2011 Jul;15(7):729-42.

Variations in amino acid neurotransmitters in some brain areas of adult and young male albino rats due to exposure to mobile phone radiation.

Noor NA, Mohammed HS, Ahmed NA, Radwan NM.

Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Mobile phone radiation and health concerns have been raised, especially following the enormous increase in the use of wireless mobile telephony throughout the world. The present study aims to investigate the effect of one hour daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with frequency of 900 Mz (SAR 1.165 W/kg, power density 0.02 mW/cm2) on the levels of amino acid neurotransmitters in the midbrain, cerebellum and medulla of adult and young male albino rats.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Adult and young rats were divided into two main groups (treated and control). The treated group of both adult and young rats was exposed to EMR for 1 hour daily. The other group of both adult and young animals was served as control. The determination of amino acid levels was carried out after 1 hour, 1 month, 2 months and 4 months of EMR exposure as well as after stopping radiation.

RESULTS: Data of the present study showed a significant increase in both excitatory and inhibitory amino acids in the cerebellum of adult and young rats and midbrain of adult animals after 1 hour of EMR exposure. In the midbrain of adult animals, there was a significant increase in glycine level after 1 month followed by significant increase in GABA after 4 months. Young rats showed significant decreases in the midbrain excitatory amino acids. In the medulla, the equilibrium ratio percent (ER%) calculations showed a state of neurochemical inhibition after 4 months in case of adult animals, whereas in young animals, the neurochemical inhibitory state was observed after 1 month of exposure due to significant decrease in glutamate and aspartate levels. This state was converted to excitation after 4 months due to the increase in glutamate level.

CONCLUSION: The present changes in amino acid concentrations may underlie the reported adverse effects of using mobile phones.

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