Duitsland: Veranderingen neurotransmitters onder invloed velden zendmast mobiele telefonie

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Update met link naar het Orignal Scientific Paper (14 pp) 5 sept. 2011

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Wissenschaftlicher Originalbeitrag maart 2011


Modification of clinically important neurotransmittersunder the influence of modulated high-frequency fields -A long-term study under true-to-life conditions

This long-term study over one and a half years shows a significant activation of the 60 participants´ adrenergic systems after the installation of a regional mobiletelephone transmitting station in the village of Rimbach (Bavaria).The values of the stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline grow significantlyduring the first six months after starting the GSM transmitter; the values of theprecursor substance dopamine decreases substantially after the beginning of theradiation (Wilcoxon test, p<0,0002). The initial condition is not restored even after one and a half years.

Due to the not regulable chronic difficulties of the stressbalance, the phenylethylamine (PEA) values drop until the end of the research period(Wilcoxon test, p<0,0001).The effects show a dose effect relation and are situated far under the valid limits for technical high-frequency stress. Chronic dysregulations of the catecholamine system have a substantial health relevance and cause healthdamages in the long run.

.umwelt medizin gesellschaft 2011; 24(1): 44-57

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. habil. Klaus Buchner, Strasbergerstraße 16, 80809München; Dr. med. Horst Eger (Korrespondenz), Ärztlicher Qualitätszirkel„Elektromagnetische Felder in der Medizin - Diagnostik, Therapie, Umwelt“, (Code-Nr. 65143 KV Bayern), Marktplatz 16, 95119 Naila, E-Mail:horst.eger@arcormail.de.

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