Interactie tussen elektromagnetische velden en levende materie. ICEM's monograph.

maandag, 29 november 2010 - Categorie: Onderzoeken

Stopumts ontving aankondiging van de onderstaande ICEMS monografie:

Livio Giuliani
National Institute for Prevention and Safety at Work (ISPESL), Rome, Italy

A Fairy Tale
Protection against Non Ionizing Radiation is based on a paradigmatic assumption: “We know very well the interaction between electromagnetic fields and living organ-isms: it is a thermal interaction; thus the standards internationally accepted are adequate to protect people and workers”.

This is a fairy tale. Since the 1970s the non thermal effects of electromagnetic fields on living organisms have been well known and also the non thermal mechanisms have been investigated. Nevertheless, until today, we have been condemned to listen to representatives from international institutions repeating the old refrain above.

Furthermore when scientists participating in the ICEMS agreed to edit a monograph – the present one - with the aim of illustrating the non thermal mechanisms and effects due to the electromagnetic interaction with living organisms - mechanisms that are well known today - some of us withdrew their contribution because they did not share the locution “non thermal” in the title.

The following discussion, which many ICEMS scientists and the coauthors of this monograph took part in, focused on some basic points, maybe obvious but not infrequently forgotten.

Follow the link for the interesting PDF: .

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