Zweden: Zwakke straling van mobiele telefonie verhindert proces DNA reparatie menselijke stamcellen.

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Bron: Environmental Health Prospectives 22 oct 2009 via EMF facts 9 febr. 2010

Belyaev - Microwaves From Mobile Phones Inhibit 53BP1 Focus Formation in Human Stem Cells''

(Engelstalige toelichting door Cindy Sage, Bio-initiative Group)

A landmark paper by Igor Belayev's team at Stockholm University has reported that very low intensity microwave radiation from mobile phones inhibits DNA repair processes in human stem cells.

By placing a mobile phone at one meter distance from human stem cells in petri dishes (SAR = 0.037 W/Kg), they found a significant reduction in 53BP1 foci. These foci are a measure of DNA repair in cells with double strand DNA damage. The damage was greater to stem cells (derived from adipose tissue in humans) than in fibroblasts (differentiated cells). Stem
cells did not adapt over time - and the damage was done within one hour of MW exposure.
Fibroblast cells were similarly affected (inhibited 52BP1 foci) but adapted over time.

The effects are carrier-frequency dependent. The effects occurred with GSM exposure at 915 MHz, but not at 905 MHz. The failure to produce DNA repair also occurred at the mobile phone UTMS carrier frequency of 1947 MHz.

Analysis of 53BP1 foci is the most sensitive technique to measure double-strand DNA breaks in both unexposed cells and in cells exposued to cytotoxic agents.

In the authors' words, ''this represents a direct mechanistic link to epidemiological data showing an association of MW exposure with increased cancer risk.'' The date obtained from human stem cells is of ''utmost relevance for
assessment of possible health risks of MW exposure from mobile phones.'' Most, if not all adult tissues and organs including blood, skin and brain contain stem cells. Therefore, ''stem cells like blood cells and fibroblasts are always
subjected to exposure from mobile phones.''

With respect to children, because ''almost all organs and tissues possess stem cells and stem cells are more active in children, the possible relationship of chronic MW exposure and various types of tumors and leukemia especially in children should be

Perhaps this accounts for the Hardell et al data that report children are more at risk from mobile phone use than adults, where the risk of glioma is more than 5-fold in children but just more than 2-fold in adults.

Markova E Malmgren LOG Belyaev IY. Microwaves from mobile phones inhibit 53PB1 focus
formation in human stem cells stronger than in differentiated cells:
Possible mechanistic link to cancer risk.

Bron: Environmental Health Perspectives On-line 22 October 2009.
doi:10.1289/ehp.0900781 .

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