Spanje: Elektromagnetische milieuvervuiling bij wilde zoogdieren: een nieuw langzaamwerkend vergif ?

woensdag, 16 december 2009 - Categorie: Onderzoeken

Verschenen in het niet-peerreviewed tijdschrift The Environmentalist dec 2009, geschreven door de befaamde Spaansse ornitholoog Balmori:

Alfonso Balmori

The incidence of electromagnetic pollution on wild mammals: A new ''poison'' with a slow effect on nature

(1) Direccion General del Medio Natural. Consejera de Medio Ambiente. Junta de Castilla y Leon, C/Rigoberto Cortejoso, 14, 47014 Valladolid, Spain

Published online: 28 November 2009

Abstract A review on the effects of radiofrequency radiation from wireless telecommunications on living organisms and its possible impact on wild mammals are presented. Physical and technological characteristics of mobile telephone and phone masts, the scientific discoveries that are of interest in the study of their effects on the wildlife, action mechanisms on biological systems and experimental difficulties are described. Keeping in mind that electromagnetic pollution (in the microwave and radiofrequency range) is a possible source for decline of some mammal populations, it is of great importance to carry out studies on the effects of this new pollutant to wildlife. Some research types that could be useful to determine adverse health effects are proposed

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