Tsjechië: Centraal zenuwstelsel bij muizen kwetsbaarder voor schade oiv straling mobiele telefonie.

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Bron: NeuroQuantology 2007; 5 (3): 292 - 303

Effect of whole-body exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic field on the brain cortical and hippocampal activity in mouse experimental model. med./biol.

By: Barcal J, Vozeh F

Aim of study (according to author)
To study brain cortical and hippocampal activity during exposure to a radiofrequency electromagnetic field, similar to the range used by mobile phones.

Background/further details:
It was hypothesized that some brain structures in Lurcher mutant mice should be more sensitive to stimulation with radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as these mice represent a model of neurodegenerative diseases. 20 adult Lurcher mutant mice and 20 healthy wild type mice (control) were exposed. Brain activity was recorded under anesthesia.

effects on the neurological system: brain cortical and hippocampal activity

General category: mobile phone

Field characteristics Parameters
880 - 890 MHz
exposure duration: continuous for 40 min power: 10 W

Exposed system:
animal (species/strain): mouse/Lurcher mutant and wild type
whole body exposure

Endpoint/Measurement parameters/Methodology

Effects on the neurological system: spontaneous brain cortical activity, hippocampal rhythmicity (electrocorticogram)
investigation on living organism
investigated organ system: brain/CNS
time of investigation: before und during exposure

Main outcome of study (according to author):

Under exposure, the electrocorticogram evaluation showed a shift towards low frequency components with clear effects in wild type mice and only gentle differences between frequency spectra in Lurcher mutant mice. Measurement of hippocampal rhythmicity showed gentle changes with increase of high frequencies as well as changes of theta wave activity in both groups.
The results support the idea of a different vulnerability of the central nervous system in mice with neurodefective brain to the influence of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in comparison with controls.

Study funded by:
European Union (EU)/European Commission
Grant Agency of Czech Republic
European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST)

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