China: GSM straling versterkt de schadelijke effecten van gammastraling.

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Bron: Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health A. 2009;72(11):727-32. Links

900-MHz microwave radiation enhances gamma-ray adverse effects on SHG44 cells.

Cao Y, Zhang W, Lu MX, Xu Q, Meng QQ, Nie JH, Tong J.
School of Radiation Medicine and Public Health, Suzhou University, Suzhou, China.

Mobile phones are widely used globally. However, the biological effects due to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) produced by mobile phones are largely unknown. Environmental and occupational exposure of humans to gamma-rays is a biologically relevant phenomenon. Consequently studies were undertaken to examine the interactions between gamma-rays and EMF on human health. In this study, exposure to 900-MHz EMF expanded gamma-ray damage to SHG44 cells. Preexposure EMF enhanced the decrease in cell proliferation induced by gamma-ray irradiation and the rate of apoptosis. The combination of EMF and gamma-ray exposure resulted in a synergistic effect by triggering stress response, which increased reactive oxygen species, but the expression of hsp70 at both mRNA and protein levels remained unaltered. Data indicate that the adverse effects of gamma-rays on cellular functions are strengthened by EMF.

PMID: 19492235

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