Long-Term Cell Phone Use Spurs Tumor Growth

zaterdag, 07 mei 2005 - Categorie: Onderzoeken

Long-Term Cell Phone Use Spurs Tumor Growth

If you have used your mobile phone for more than 10 years, you might have increased your risk of developing acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor on the auditory nerve.

Interestingly enough, studies found that the risk was confined to the side of the head that was used most often while talking on the phone. As a matter of fact, the risk of acoustic neuroma was nearly four times greater on the side of the head that the phone was most frequently held compared to the other side, which appeared normal.

A study revealed that the number of years of phone usage seemed to play a factor in the development of the tumor, as those using their phone 10 years or more were shown to nearly double their risk of acoustic neuroma. On the other hand, those who used their phone for less than 10 years didn't show any signs of increases risk.

Participants of the study included 150 people with acoustic neuroma and 600 healthy people.

Since the only types of phones used during the study were analog mobile phones, researchers questioned whether or not the same results would apply to long-term use of the digital phones, which have since replaced the bulkier and less advanced analog phones.

In response to the study results, the mobile phone industry claimed there wasn't any scientific evidence to supporting findings showing that using mobile phones causes negative health effects.

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