Zweden: Scherpe daling gezondheidsindicatoren na 1997 en blootstelling aan RF HF straling.

maandag, 23 februari 2009 - Categorie: Onderzoeken

Bron: Pathophysiology. 2009 Feb 9.

Apparent decreases in Swedish public health indicators after 1997-Are they due to improved diagnostics or to environmental factors?
Hallberg O, Johansson O.
Hallberg Independent Research(1), Polkavägen 14B, 142 65 Trångsund, Sweden.

The object of this work was to review recent trends in public health in Sweden. Data on different adverse health indicators were collected from official Swedish registries. We found that population health generally improved during the early 1990s but suddenly started to deteriorate from 1997 onwards. This quite dramatic change is not likely to be explained only by improved diagnostics but physical causes need immediately to be searched for. A connection with the increasing exposure of the population to GHz radiation from mobile phones, base stations and other communication technologies cannot be ruled out.

PMID: 19211231

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