Verminderde vruchtbaarheid door elektromagnetische velden

maandag, 11 februari 2008 - Categorie: Onderzoeken

Alweer een onderzoek dat een verband vindt tussen vermindering van de vruchtbaarheid en blootstelling aan elektromagnetische velden.

''Dit onderzoek toont een mogelijke relatie tussen blootstelling tijdens het werk aan elektromagnetische velden van apparaten en radar en een vermindering van de vruchtbaarheid''.

Geheel in lijn met de vermindering van de vruchtbaarheid, die gevonden is bij mannen die veel mobiel bellen.

1: Bioelectromagnetics. 2008 Jan 31 Epub ahead of print
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Is fertility reduced among men exposed to radiofrequency fields in the Norwegian Navy?

Møllerløkken OJ, Moen BE.

Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care, Section for, Occupational Medicine, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.

The effects of radiofrequency fields on human health are not well understood, and public concern about negative health effects has been rising. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between workers exposed to electromagnetic fields and their reproductive health. We obtained data using a questionnaire in a cross-sectional study of naval military men, response rate 63% (n = 1487). We asked the respondents about exposure, lifestyle, reproductive health, previous diseases, work and education. An expert group categorized the work categories related to electromagnetic field exposure. We categorized the work categories ''tele/communication,'' ''electronics'' and ''radar/sonar'' as being exposed to electromagnetic fields. Logistic regression adjusted for age, ever smoked, military education, and physical exercise at work showed increased risk of infertility among tele/communication odds ratio (OR = 1.72, 95% confidence interval 1.04-2.85), and radar/sonar odds ratio (OR = 2.28, 95% confidence interval 1.27-4.09). The electronics group had no increased risk. This study shows a possible relationship between exposure to radiofrequency fields during work with radiofrequency equipment and radar and reduced fertility. However, the results must be interpreted with caution. Bioelectromagnetics, (c) 2008 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

PMID: 18240289 PubMed - as supplied by publisher

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