Verhoogd risico op hersentumoren na 10 jaar GSM-gebruik

vrijdag, 06 april 2007 - Categorie: Onderzoeken

Long-term use of cellular phones and brain tumours - increased risk associated with use for > 10 years

Lennart O Hardell 1*, Michael Carlberg 1, Fredrik Sderqvist 1, Kjell Hansson Mild 2 and Lloyd L Morgan 3

1 Univ Hospital, Sweden
2 National Inst of Working Life, Sweden
3 2022 Francisco Street, Berkeley, United States

Accepted 28 March 2007


Aim: To evaluate brain tumour risk among long-term users of cellular telephones. Methods: One cohort study and 13 case-control studies were identified on this topic. Data were scrutinized for use of mobile phone for > 10 years and ipsilateral exposure if presented. Results: The cohort study was of limit value due to methodological shortcomings in the study. Of the 13 case-control studies, 9 gave results for > 10 years use or latency period. Most of these results were based on low numbers. Clearly an association with acoustic neuroma was found in four studies with two- to three-fold increased risk in the group with at least 10 years use of a mobile phone. No risk was found in one study, but the tumour size was significantly larger among users. Five studies gave results for malignant brain tumours in that latency group. All gave increased OR especially for ipsilateral exposure. Highest OR = 5.4, 95 % CI = 3.0-9.6 was calculated for high-grade glioma and ipsilateral exposure in one study. Conclusions: Results from present studies on use of mobile phones for > 10 years give a consistent pattern of an increased risk for acoustic neuroma and glioma, most pronounced for high-grade glioma. The risk is highest for ipsilateral exposure.

Keywords: acoustic neuroma, glioma, ipsilateral exposure, mobile phones

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