1000 peer reviewed articles on “Vaccine” injuries

zondag, 25 februari 2024 - Categorie: Onderzoeken

Author: Dr. Mark Trozzi:


Here is an organized library of more than one thousand peer reviewed articles which show that Covid-19 ''vaccines'' are harmful.
An ultimate and organized library to empower research, back up law suits, support criminal charges, or effect political change. It’s also abundant proof for anyone who is still buying the “safe and effective” claim, but is willing to look at the evidence. Please bookmark and share this page for ongoing reference.

Thanks to the community at CovidVaccineInjuries.com for their astronomical research compiling the basis of this visualized and indexed resource.

Ter info, het onderwerp valt voor een groot deel buiten het onderwerp van deze website: EMF & Health, maar er is wel een overlap, zoals in 2020 al aangegeven in:
www.stopumts.nl/doc.php/Onderzoeken/12539/redir .

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