Effects of mobile phone electromagnetic fields on brain waves in healthy volunteers

zaterdag, 23 december 2023 - Categorie: Onderzoeken

Source: www.nature.com/articles/s41598-023-48561-z
Dec. 8 2023
Van der Meer, J.N., Eisma, Y.B., Meester, R. et al.
Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Amsterdam UMC Location AMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Effects of mobile phone electromagnetic fields on brain waves in healthy volunteers.
Sci Rep 13, 21758 (2023).

The interaction between biological tissue and electromagnetic fields (EMF) is a topic of increasing interest due to the rising prevalence of background EMF in the past decades. Previous studies have attempted to measure the effects of EMF on brainwaves using EEG recordings, but are typically hampered by experimental and environmental factors. In this study, we present a framework for measuring the impact of EMF on EEG while controlling for these factors. A Bayesian statistical approach is employed to provide robust statistical evidence of the observed EMF effects. This study included 32 healthy participants in a double-blinded crossover counterbalanced design. EEG recordings were taken from 63 electrodes across 6 brain regions. Participants underwent a measurement protocol comprising two 18-min sessions with alternating blocks of eyes open (EO) and eyes closed (EC) conditions. Group 1 (n = 16) had EMF during the first session and sham during the second session; group 2 (n = 16) had the opposite. Power spectral density plots were generated for all sessions and brain regions. The Bayesian analysis provided statistical evidence for the presence of an EMF effect in the alpha band power density in the EO condition. This measurement protocol holds potential for future research on the impact of novel transmission protocols.

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