WI-FI radiation damages human sperm in new study

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Nov. 25,2022

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Studies continue to document wireless radiation exposure can damage sperm just as new data confirm major decline in sperm count worldwide.

The new study “Electromagnetic radiations on the functional potential of spermatozoa” published in the Research Journal of Biotechnology found damage to human sperm when exposed to Wi-Fi from a laptop . The deterioration of sperm quality varied according to the duration of Wi-Fi radiation exposure. The image above shows damages sperm from the Wi-Fi radiation exposure. Sperm damage is one of numerous health effects linked to cell phone use.

This study corroborates numerous studies that have found Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation exposure linked to damage to sperm.

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The authors concluded that, “the present study on the impact of radiations from a laptop upon the functional mechanism of spermatozoa confirmed that operating the digital devices without precautionary measures and distance interferes with fertilizable ability of the sperms that may end in infertile marriage. The present users of laptop or other digital devices must be cautious about the possible fertility problems from such devices.”

Environmental Health Trust recommends you keep laptops off laps and keep that cell phone out of your pants. Best is to switch to corded ethernet connections instead of Wi-Fi. Learn more here.

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