COVID-19 Attributed Cases and Deaths are Statistically Higher in States and Counties with 5G

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COVID-19 Attributed Cases and Deaths are Statistically Higher in States and Counties with 5th Generation Millimeter Wave Wireless Telecommunications in the United States.
Medical Research Archivesvol 9 issue 4. April 2021
Published Apr 12, 2021

with disturbing new (2024) links about side effects of COVID-19 jabs added at the end
Angela Tsiang
Magda Havas
Trent School of the Environment, Trent University, Peterborough, ON, Canada, K9J 7B8

COVID-19-attributed case and death rates for the U.S.A. were analyzed through May 2020 in three ways – for all 50 states, the country’s largest counties, and the largest counties in California – and found to be statistically significantly higher for states and counties with compared to those without 5G millimeter wave (mmW) technology. 5G mmW index was a statistically significant factor for the higher case and rates in all three analyses, while population density, air quality and latitude were significant for only one or two of the analyses. For state averages, cases per million were 79% higher (p = 0.012), deaths per million were 94% higher (p = 0.049), cases per test were 68% higher (p = 0.003) and deaths per test were 81% higher (p = 0.025) for states with vs. without mmW. For county averages, cases per million were 87% higher (p = 0.005) and deaths per million were 165% higher (p = 0.012) for counties with vs. without mmW. While higher population density contributed to the higher mean case and death rates in the mmW states and counties, exposure to mmW had about the same impact as higher density of mmW states on mean case and death rates and about three times as much impact as higher density for mmW counties on mean case and death rates. Based on multiple linear regression, if there was no mmW exposure, case and death rates would be 18-30% lower for 5G mmW states and 39-57% lower for 5G mmW counties. This assessment clearly shows exposure to 5G mmW technology is statistically significantly associated with higher COVID-19 case and death rates in the U.S.A. The mechanism–should this be a causal relationship–may relate to changes in blood chemistry, oxidative stress, an impaired immune response, an altered cardiovascular and/or neurological response.

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with disturbing news about possible side effects (excessive deaths and dementia (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease)) of the COVID-19 jabs and suggestions of possible, but not certain, remedies at the end of the last paper .
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