Does Exposure of Smart Phones during Pregnancy of Rats Affect the Offspring’s Ovarian Reserve?

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Research Article
Does Exposure of Smart Phones during Pregnancy Affect the Offspring’s Ovarian Reserve? A Rat Model Study

Pinar Calis, Merve Seymen, Yagmur Soykan, Kevser Delen, Bahriye Sirav Aral, Gulnur Take Kaplanoglu & Deniz Karcaaltincaba
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey, ...
Pages 142-152 | Received 11 Sep 2019, Accepted 29 Oct 2019, Published online: 10 Dec 2019


We investigated the effect of prenatal exposure to smart phone radiation and the protective effect of omega-3 on ovarian reserve of offspring.
24 pregnant Wistar albino rats were divided into four groups. Group-I received neither radiofrequency (RF) radiation nor omega-3, group-II received RF, group-III received RF radiation and 300 mg omega-3 and group-IV received RF radiation and 600 mg Omega-3 till birth. At 42 days, bilateral oophorectomy was performed on all female offspring for follicle count and immunohistochemical staining (GDF9, FOXO1 and TUNEL).
Group-II had significantly lower mean number of primordial (p = 0.006), secondary follicles(p = 0.003) and a higher atresia score. Group-III variables were comparable with group-I variables. Group-IV had statistically higher median number of atretic follicles than group-I (p = 0.023).
Ovarian reserve of offspring diminished with RF exposure during pregnancy. Omega-3 supplementation during pregnancy may reduce the potential premature ovarian failure.

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